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Runner Rescued An Abandoned Puppy And Finished The Marathon Carrying It In Her Hands


Khemjira Klongsanun is a runner from Bangkok, Thailand.

But even though this girl enjoys challenging herself and racing in competitions, she also knows that some things are simply far more important than others.


A few months ago, she participated in a local marathon. But after the 7th mile of her 26-mile run, she noticed something. There beside the road was a scared and abandoned pup that was looking for help. She spotted the little fluff ball with no one beside it.

But instead of passing it by and pretending that she didn’t see it, she did what any passionate animal lover would do. She stopped, scooped the little helpless pup into her arms and continued running.


Yes, you read it right!


For the next 19 miles of her run, she carried the puppy in her hands and ran. She could have handed it to someone in the crowd, but that was not her idea. She held on to it until the very end and both of them crossed the finish line together.


But this is not the end of this wonderful story.

Klongsanun decided to adopt the little puppy. She immediately took it to the vet and later on she introduced it to her family and the rest of her dogs.

The pup finally got the home that it deserved.



Polsin Sinsamoe

She named it Nong Chom.


Surprisingly, the little puppy instantly fit in. Klongsanun dogs accepted it as a new member of the family. And thanks to her, this once-abandoned, lonely and neglected dog ended up surrounded by the love it desperately needed.



Nong Chom is just one of those rescue dogs that had their life changed for the better. This pup was left all alone. And if it wasn’t for Klongsanun, it would have probably died by now. But it was destiny that brought them together. Klongsanun found Nong Chom at the right time and the right space and saved his life.


Share this story with your friends and raise awareness about animal adoption. These lovely creatures need us. Let us be there for them and provide them with the love they need!