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Photos Capture Snow In Sahara Desert For First Time In 40 Years


Sahara – the Great Desert. Miles and miles of scorching temperatures and red sand. There are usually no clouds in the Sahara and it’s always blistering hot.

Like scene from a fairytale – that’s what the Sahara Desert looked like when snow covered its dunes for the first time in nearly 40 years.

The never-ending ocean of red sand of the largest hot desert on the planet was covered in powdery frosty snowflakes that lasted for less than a day; and we all got to see this amazing sight – snow in a desert!!! – thanks to Algerian amateur photographer Karim Bouchetata.

Mr. Bouchetata managed to capture these breathtaking moments of snow covering the Saharan sand in Algeria near Ain Sefra – the town which is also known as the Gateway to the Desert, on December 19th.

To be more precise, the snow fell in the northern end of the desert, near the Moroccan – Algerian border.

The sight is simply unbelievable, because it’s so rare. How often do we get to see snow frosting the curvy dunes of a desert?

According to reports, the last tiime it snowed in the Sahara Desert was in February 1979, when a brief snow storm hindered with traffic and covered the red dunes with lumps of short-lived snow.