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This Is How Salt Lamps Are Helping People With Anxiety


Himalayan salt lamps can play a major role in helping you deal with stress and anxiety.Many people usually give them less credit than they deserve and often cast them aside when it comes to options for dealing with stress and anxiety.

How can that be explained scientifically? TVs, PCs, lap tops, phones, iPads, tablets and any other electronic devise we have around us emits positive ions.

Those positive ions increase the feeling of anxiety and stress. On the other hand when we are surrounded by negative ions the level of stress and anxiety diminishes.   

For that particular reason people are felling good whenever they spend time around a lake, a river, hiking a mountain or simply taking a walk in the park. Negative ions are all around those places.

Once you inhale those tasteless, odorless and invisible molecules they enter your bloodstream, produce biochemical reactions which increase the level of serotonin- hormone of happiness, thus helping you get rid of stress, depression and anxiety.

Well, Himalayan salt lamps do just that. They emit negative ions which replace the positive ones in your home.

Put a Himalayan salt lamp night light in your hallway or bedroom and finally get that good night sleep which is so important for your overall health.

The reason why Himalayan salt lamps are so effective is because they stimulate the same reaction you would get when gazing at serene nature- like sea, ocean, trees or a forest.

And speaking about nature, you could also oppose positive ions by bringing various plants into your house. Having as many plants as you possibly can, will not only add up to the décor they will also provide many benefits to the whole atmosphere and you’ll be grateful when you notice that the level of your daily stress has lowered significantly.

But if you aren’t a plant lover or you can easily forget to water them and they often die on you, then the answer for you are a few Himalayan salt lamps which you can place in different rooms of your home. Several Himalayan salt lamps will have the same effect as several plants in your home.

The main aim after all is to eliminate the positive ions emitted from the electronic devices you have in your home.

Another important perk that Himalayan salt lamps are offering is that they come in many sizes and shapes. So, depending on your taste you can choose the perfect Himalayan salt lamp for you.

If you prefer minimalism, you don’t have to buy a big rock lamp you can purchase a smaller one instead.

If you don’t mind a big rock lamp buy that kind because if the salt lamp is bigger, it will produce more negative ions and purify the negative energy from your home leaving you with lower level of stress and anxiety.

So, next time you go shopping buy your Himalayan salt lamp and live an anxiety free life. It’s an investment which you won’t regret.