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Scared To Get A Covid 19 Vaccine Shot? Here’s Why You Should


The covid-19 pandemic has pushed humanity to go in a survival mode. This outbreak has been unprecedented, fueled by globalization and travel. Even though it originated in China, the spread encompassed the entire planet. More than a year since its first discovery, countries are fighting recurring waves of this virus while a large portion of the world remains under strict lockdown to this day. The vaccination process has rolled out in most parts of the world. Yet, there remains a significant population concerned about the process of getting themselves vaccinated. If you are amongst the concerned ones, here is why you should consider getting the shot:

  • What If You Are Already Infected?

Even with precautions and SOPs, the chances of the virus spreading remain. If your body is showing symptoms of an infection or if you’ve recently tested positive, now would be the time to consider yourself getting vaccinated. Getting the shot in the early stages of the virus has been shown to boost and create a long-lasting immunity. Moreover, the chances of viruses spreading to your close ones significantly reduce. Research has also demonstrated that human bodies produce extra antibodies when exposed to the virus pre-vaccination.

Getting a shot after getting infected multiplies your chances of recovery. However, that is not to say that one shouldn’t get vaccinated until they catch the virus. Covid-19 does not impact everyone the same way. Therefore, instead of taking a risk on your immunity, getting vaccinated is a better bet.

Knowing how viruses can wreak havoc in a community setting and the associated benefits of timely vaccination is essential. If you are already associated with the medical industry, then you’re probably already familiar. If not, an online mph can help you to understand matters of public health and safety better. The program can also open up additional career possibilities if you’d like to contribute to overall social and community well-being.

  • Relying Solely On Immunity Might Not Be Enough

Human bodies fight off viruses by creating antibodies. Those antibodies are responsible for binding themselves to the virus, thereby preventing the disease from developing into an infection. Moreover, the power of the immune system derives from its ability to remember infections.

Humans share varying levels of immune system prowess. Robust immune systems can easily fight off the virus and also remember it. This helps in preventing reinfections from the same virus. However, many people might not have strong and durable immune systems putting them at risk of re-contracting the disease. Moreover, the virus is also known to mutate depending on climate and ferocity of spread. Therefore, remaining on the safer side would be a wiser choice.

  • Vaccination Can Provide Reliable Results

Antibodies serve as the primary mode of defense against viruses. It has been noted that vaccination helps in creating more consistent and more potent antibodies. In comparison, natural immunity has a less aggressive response to the infection. As discussed earlier, not all human bodies are the same. There might be many people who have strong immune systems that can easily fight off the virus.

However, a large population doesn’t even realize the level of risk they face due to weak immune systems. Therefore, those who have predated medical concerns or weaknesses should consider getting themselves vaccinated preemptively. Even those who consider themselves healthy and strong should additionally arm their immune system with it.

  • Which Vaccine Should You Go For?

There has been quite a debate regarding the positives and negatives of the vaccines rolling out. Some developed nations have built their vaccines while other nations are borrowing them from allied countries. A lot of people might show a preference for one vaccine over the other. It is always good to educate oneself regarding the vaccine before getting it. Research can help provide answers to the type of vaccine that would suit you best.

However, your choices might get restricted by the country you live in. People living in countries like the United States have options to choose from, whereas many other countries do not enjoy the same privilege. At the end of the day, the best vaccine is the one that you can quickly get. However, doing your research and consulting an expert before making a decision is a must.

  • Play Your Part and Help In Curbing The Pandemic

Assuming one gets infected and successfully recovers from the virus. Would it be a sound decision for that person to get themselves vaccinated regardless? As mentioned earlier, it is still recommended to get the shot because of two reasons – It protects you from all future possibilities of getting reinfected, and your body becomes a barrier in the spread.

Suppose a majority of the population gets vaccinated. In that case, herd immunity kicks in, and the spread slows down, eventually leading to a Covid-19-free world. Therefore, getting vaccinated is not just to protect yourself from the virus but also to reduce the disease’s spread. Every single person who gets vaccinated takes the world one step closer to the complete eradication of coronavirus-related deaths.

Final Words

Incidents of mishandling the virus on the part of certain governments have led to people being suspicious of vaccines. This image has to change actively. While governments and big pharmaceuticals may have politicized the pandemic, you should not forget that every dose of the vaccine has countless hours of scientific research, trial, and error to back it.

Companies only make their vaccines available for the masses once they are thoroughly tried, tested, and approved by regulatory authorities. Instead of risking catching the infection and then waiting for your immune system to respond, a better approach would be to preempt the infection altogether. By getting vaccinated, you can enjoy a sense of mental peace as you wouldn’t have to worry about the virus putting your life at risk anymore.