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Science Has Found A Way To Detect The Human AURA And Represent It Visually


The human aura has long been a concept only mentioned by spiritualists. Starting from as far back as the ancient Vedic teachings, the concept of the human aura has involved many interpretations and important information about ourselves.

It hasn’t been until recently that scientists found a way to detect the human aura and finally prove its existence, which can be measured and represented visually. But before we go there, you need to understand what the human aura actually is.

The aura of every living being is the subtle electromagnetic vibrations that come out of the body. These electromagnetic vibrations create a field around the body of the organism (in this particular case, the human body), which has long been known as an aura.

You will often hear that many are capable of detecting these vibrations and translating them into colors with their naked eye. In fact, some practice can indeed help you to detect the electromagnetic field around people and other living beings.

However, this teaching of how you can detect (as ancient as it may be), is not the focus of our article. If you want to read more about it, and how you can start detecting and reading people’s auras, you can go here.

With the rise of new technology, came the first efforts to prove the existence of the human aura. The pioneer in doing this is Semyon Kirilian, who started taking pictures of leaves subjected to a strong electric field. His photos are very interesting to see, although many argue that they are not a real representation of an aura.

Since his first efforts to visually represent the existence of the aura, many others have tried to find the appropriate technology that could read the electromagnetic vibrations coming out of our body. And they have succeeded.

How does it work? These vibrations vibrate at a specific frequency. Each frequency has its corresponding color and sound. Really, an aura could be translated both in color and sound. Here we’re going to talk about the color.

However, these vibrations are too subtle to be seen by the naked eye and perceived by the brain as existent, and that’s why we can’t see them. Only a highly trained brain, or a specific machine can detect them, the latter being more successful at it.

The discoveries in this technology, which can read people’s auras, have helped many to understand various aspects about themselves. Energy healers, reiki masters, and other people working with alternative medicine, are more increasingly using this technology.

It shows a visual representation of the electromagnetic field around the person’s body and the various colors are then translated into the energetic influences over the body. Usually, a healthy body comes with a set of distinct colors, some being more dominant than the others.

A lack of color in certain places means that there has been an energetic imbalance, which may be causing a physical or psychological illness. Also, the intensity of the colors is important too.

If the colors are too bleak, or too strong, they may be indicating that some physical or psychological aspects of the person are out of balance, being either too active (like some glands), or underactive.

However, conventional medicine has not yet started using the EM vibrational representations in practice. For now, alternative medicine healers and energy workers use this technology and it’s readily available for anyone with the money to buy it.

The electromagnetic field revels a lot about the person who is emitting it. With enough knowledge and practice, one can tell of the physical, psychological, and emotional state of that person, and offer a remedy for the same.

However, this field hasn’t been researched enough yet, and there is a lot we need to learn more about just how important the knowledge about this could be for our wellbeing. When it comes to believing or not, it’s simple:

Every living thing emits an electromagnetic field around them. This is a well known scientific fact. Modern medicine uses sound and light vibrations (audio and chromo therapy) to treat certain illnesses, and these vibrations directly affect and change the way our bodies vibrate.

While 10 years ago this was something that many were unaware of, nowadays science is discovering just how much vibration plays a role in our existence. Creating images of a human aura is just the simplest thing that can be done.

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