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The Science Of Love: These Questions Will Make You Fall In Love With Anyone


What’s the secret to love? What makes us fall in love with someone?

If you think that the surest way to fall in love with a person is to get to know them – you are right.

Arthur Aron is a professor of psychology at the State University of New York who back in 1967 when he was a UC Berkeley graduate, fell in love with his colleague Elaine Spaulding.

He always wanted to find a topic which people would never think that it can be studied scientifically, and to prove them wrong by doing it scientifically. So, when he fell in love he was able to do just that.

In his words, love and relationship quality are the biggest stimuli for human happiness, even more than success and wealth. So, he studied the brain in love by brain imaging and he did many lab experiments to find out how love actually works.

After years of incessant research, he came up with 36 questions that will help you get closer to your partner and fall in love.

The questions get more personal gradually, and along with saying the things you both have in common and the things you love about each other would definitely create a massive intimacy between you and your partner.

So, here are the 36 questions that Arthur Aron suggests and says they surely work.

What do you think? Would you try these questions with your partner?