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This Is How The Month You Were Born Affects Your Temperament And Personality, According To Science


If NASA agrees that astrology is nonsense, then it shouldn’t be a problem for you too. Astrology’s fundamental premise that somehow our destiny is written in the stars and in the joined gravity of the planets at the moment we were born – is absolute nonsense.

If you go by Newton’s Law that the gravity of any massive object is inversely proportional to the square of its distance, then if you take for example the giant planet Neptune, which is 4.4 billion kilometers away (2.7 billion miles), the gravitational pull it had on your birthday was: times 2.7, divided by 1.1, carry the 2… no way! So, whether you are a Taurus, or a Sagittarius, or whatever they are called – it’s all gibberish, so forget it.

However, just because the day you were born doesn’t play any difference, it doesn’t mean that this is true for the season you were born into. According to scientists, the season you were born can tell a lot about your personality and temperament.

The baby’s development begins in the womb of the mother. The maternal nutrition plays the crucial part. Meaning, a diet that is low on protein, or vitamin D or C, can affect the infant’s heart, brain, and bone development. Moreover, viruses such as the flu can affect the baby’s development also. And gestation during winter with its short days and lack of natural light can lower the serotonin levels in the mother’s brain thus affecting the baby in the same way.

 Researchers have recently tried to find the correlation between the temperament of college students and adults to their birth season. And here is what they found:


Congratulations to all March, April, and May babies out there! You stand high on the hyperthermia scale – the scale of optimism!  You are able to find the beauty in everything. Your optimism is so high and contagious that you can even make a big disaster into something to laugh at.

However, your optimism has one downside: It can go easily in the opposite direction. Meaning, spring babies are more prone to experience clinical depression. According to a study of 58,000 participants in 2012, those born in May had higher depression rates. On the other hand, those born in November had the lowest risk of clinical depression.


It’s mostly good news for babies born in June, July, and August. No depression and sadness for you! Although you may experience some consequences because your mother carried you in December, January, and February. You too like spring babies, stand high on the hyperthermia scale. You are optimistic and energetic – like a hot summer day.

However, those born in summer can be influenced by cyclothymia – the rapid shift between good and bad mood. But, don’t worry. This doesn’t mean that you have a bipolar personality. In fact, those born in August have the lowest bipolar diagnosis.


Those who believe in astrology will tell you that people born in fall have more tendencies to be balanced in life. Maybe the zodiac sign of Libra has something to do with it? I will tell you again – it doesn’t. People born in fall experience and enjoy low levels of depression.

This may be because of the plenty of nutrients available at harvest time, or the fact that they were born at a time when the days are shorter, and the nights are longer. Moreover, these people are the least likely to develop bipolar disorder. On the negative side, they get irritated very easily.


Brace yourselves winter babies! Statistics show that people born in winter have higher levels of schizophrenia, SAD, depression, and bipolar disorders. However, all is not black for winter babies are not as irritable as fall babies.

Moreover, according to a study including 300 celebrities, those born in January and February have the most chances to become famous and successful because these months are linked with imaginative problem-solving and creativity.


However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find pessimists born in March or November babies whose life is off-balance. Someone’s personality is less about the season they are born in, but rather how they behave and carry themselves in every season.