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Self-Care Is Not All About Enjoying Your Life – Here’s What It Really Means


Contrary to what many people think, self-care is not an easy and pleasant thing.

It’s actually putting a lot of time and effort into creating a life you enjoy living.

It’s no longer running from your problems, but trying your best to face and overcome them.

Oftentimes self-care means doing the most unpleasant, ugliest things that you have to do, such as telling a narcissistic, selfish friend that you don’t want them to be part of your life anymore, or leaving a toxic relationship, or getting a second job so that you can make more savings, or accepting your mistakes and failures as a part of you.

Self-care often means embracing and cherishing yourself the way you are so that you don’t constantly feel exhausted from trying to be someone you are not and meeting other people’s expectations.

It means promising yourself that you’ll no longer try to please everyone and let others tell you what to say or do or how you should lead your life. It means promising yourself and showing determination to be the master of your own life.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where ‘self-care’ has become a trendy topic like it’s some kind of a luxury or something we do only when we feel exhausted and want to relieve ourselves from the pressure we’re faced with every day.

But that’s absurd.

Because self-care is not luxury. Self-care is not making yourself your favorite cake or going to a spa or going shopping whenever you feel stressed. Self-care is not just pampering yourself.

Self-care is trying your best and being consistent in your efforts to create a life you enjoy living. A life you don’t feel the need to often escape from.

Self-care means looking your deepest insecurities, fears, and failures right into the eye and overcoming them. It’s resisting life’s temptations. It’s not immediately satisfying your desires. It’s letting go of people who drag you down and stand in the way to your happiness and success.

It’s meeting and gaining trust in new people. It’s taking risks and accepting challenges. It’s making compromises. It’s disappointing other people, including your loved ones, but also making sacrifices for others.

Self-care is living your life the way other people don’t. It’s living your life the way you want without worrying about what others might think and say about it.

It’s always being honest with yourself and others as well, even if that means you won’t be liked by everyone.

It’s accepting your negative emotions, not running from them.

It’s changing your goals.

It’s fighting your anxious thoughts and not allowing them to affect the quality of your life.

It’s no longer using your hectic life as justification for procrastination.

It’s spending more time taking care of yourself than “fixing your flaws”.

It’s always being true to yourself and living by your own standards and rules, not by someone else’s.

It’s not depending on others for your happiness.

It’s becoming the person you want to be and creating a life for yourself that is meaningful, fulfilling, and enjoyable.