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Sensation of a Marijuana High: Smoking and Vaping


With marijuana now being legal in many states of the USA it is attracting a new crowd of users. There are also many people who are curious and want to know if there is a different sensation between smoking and vaping cannabis. There are many factors that influence the feeling we get when we are ‘high’ and the way you take your cannabis is among them.

Following we will look at the differences between vaping and smoking in terms of the feeling that you get, and an alternative to cannabis if you don’t want to go full on. Let’s start by talking about vaping, smoking and safety.

To Vape or To Smoke?

First, we want to mention the reasons why vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking, and that’s not just with cannabis but with tobacco and other products also. We now know that smoking tobacco is dangerous. It creates tar and carcinogens that cause damage and illness to the lungs and has been banned in many places across the world as a result.

Vaping does not involve the danger of smoke. Instead, the user inhales vapor created when the substance is atomized at a certain temperature. This is safer than smoking in every way, both for the user and for those around them. Make sure you have the correct vape battery for dabbing your cannabis concentrate for the best effect. So, let’s talk about the sensation you get when smoking or vaping cannabis.

The Best Sensation

Some users will tell you the best sensation comes from smoking, yet others prefer the smoother and less harsh hit they get from vaping. It’s really up to the individual to consider their options, and with the dangers of smoking in mind too. Vaping is easier, less conspicuous and more socially acceptable these days, so what is it that gives you the high?

Cannabis is a plant that comes in many forms, and that has a wide range of compounds within it. Many of these can be extracted to create CBD products, which we’ll talk about in a moment. One of these compounds is called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This is the compound that provides the psychoactive element to smoking weed. 

In some strains of the plant it is more prevalent, whereas in others it is present only in miniscule amounts. The more THC, the greater the sensation will be. As we mention above the personal choice of the user is the defining factor in what sort of cannabis they will use, and what level of sensation they want to experience.

THC is the key to the sensation every time, so that’s what you need to bear in mind. It’s also worth reading more about THC to get an idea of the effects it can have. If you want a relaxing vape that does not get you high, you might want to consider the following alternative.

Alternatives to Cannabis

CBD is an alternative to cannabis that is another extract of the plant. Full name cannabidiol, CBD products must be legally produced from the hemp strain of cannabis which contains very little THC. In the USA CBD products may contain up to 0.3% THC content if they are to be sold. Reputable retailers such as Gala CBD are the recommended suppliers of a wide variety of CBD oils and other products.

When it comes to vaping in other countries than the USA it is certainly essential you check the legality of the products you wish to use if you are to avoid punishment where they may be illegal. Always check in advance that vaping is acceptable before going ahead.