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SEO Tips For Videos


A video on the landing page of a website or a blog could make or break the content. Such is the power of this form of digital media. However, just making videos is not the end of the story. You need to make sure that your videos are easily discoverable and SEO friendly. Here are some ideas that could help you in the process.

1. Make it mobile friendly

This is one of the primary ideas for making any content SEO friendly. And when it comes to media objects like videos, this is even truer. More and more people are moving towards the mobile platform for looking for content online. It has been two years since mobile browsing took over desktop browsing and this is one the rise. And when you are presenting your video, it is absolutely necessary that the content can be viewed on the phone and no separate adjustments are required to be done.

2. Reach out to different platforms

A lot of us are happy with publishing the video content on our locally self-hosted websites. But how many people are actually coming across this content? You would surely want to include that all-important video on the landing page of your website. But before that, make sure it is uploaded on YouTube. This is what will give your video the right kind of ranking and exposure. Moreover, when you include these videos on more social networking sites, you have a higher chance of scoring high on the SEO rankings.

3. Optimize your video content

Finally, let us talk a little about optimizing the content. It happens very often that people tend to focus so much on SEO and for getting the content high up in the SEO rankings ladder that the video does not have a good interface. The idea is to make your video shareable, to reach out to more people in the same sphere, and to encourage the users to spread the video in their circle. This will grant you the necessary attention and focus! Having said that, your video content should be engaging and adding value to the post in order to get your viewers to like it.

4. Captions always come in handy

Using captions for your videos is a good way to improve your SEO position. Why is this so? A lot of you might actually argue that the point of using a video is to avoid written text and make it more visual. But the truth is, in order to get a high search engine ranking, the engine should be able to detect the content in a format that it understands. The presence of suitable text in the form of descriptions can come in handy here and give your search engine the necessary information.

5. Collaboration is key

Even when you are a popular YouTube user and come backed with a huge base of followers, you can never ignore the importance of collaboration with the fellow online users. In that way, your collaborators are basically promoting your content for you on their social networking pages. Yes, it gives the video a lot more popularity. But, on the other side, Google is able to identify your video from these external posts and can link the two. Hence, your SEO rankings go up drastically if the videos are available in different posts.

6. Get the thumbnails right

Thumbnails can prove to be very useful when it comes to online video content. This is one of the best methods for generating more clicks on your video. The key idea here is to ensure that the thumbnails are interactive and clickable and eye-catching to the user. This helps the viewers connect with the content even better. Some suggestions here would be to include a small watermark or logo on the thumbnail, get the right colours, and the likes. All of this will ensure that the video has interesting thumbnails.

7. Use different keywords

This could possibly be one of the best ways to increase the SEO ranking of your video. Search engines are usually for keywords to connect to online content. So, how do you actually provide keywords on your video? This is simply done by adding some descriptions on them. But, what happens when you use the same descriptions and keywords on all the sites? The scope becomes limited and the search engine will’s capacity will be limited.

However, in the same scenario, if we can use different keywords in different descriptions whenever we share the content, Google recognizes the same video in different ways and thus it opens up opportunities for the video. This is why incorporating keywords and different descriptions prove to be useful.

Thus, no matter if you hire an animated video production agency or shoot your own video, you must ensure that your videos are SEO-friendly by keeping the tips mentioned above in mind.