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SEO Title: Myths About Aurora Windows You Should Avoid


When you go to online and search ‘Aurora windows replacement’ you will get a lot of information. Some of this information could be right while other information is written just for the sake of it. So, with so many information coming your way, how do you isolate true information from misleading one? This is what we want to educate you here by debunking some of the windows replacement myths.

Probably you haven’t heard about some of these myths, or perhaps you have heard about them, and all these years you have believed them as true. Here are five myths about Aurora windows you should be aware of and avoid them.

  1. You Can Install Your Own Windows.

If we can be real at least for once, we will all agree that Aurora us one of the most expensive places to live in Canada. And things aren’t going to get any better soon since the living cost is ever-rising. With the rising cost of living in Aurora, homeowners can be tempted to fall prey to the thinking that DIY can save them some coins that they can use during the rainy season. But to be frank to you, saving on windows and doors replacement is not the best way to save since all the money you have saved you might later use it back in your doors and windows!

We are not discouraging you against DIY projects. If you believe you can do it, then you are much welcomed. After all, it is cheaper and can be enjoyable. But the reason why we don’t recommend DIY for your Aurora windows and doors is that some things can go terribly wrong. First, you need to take some measurements that you may not get right. Secondly, you might hurt yourself during the process, and lastly, the project might turn out to be very expensive if you mess.

  1. Why Replace Windows?

Then here comes another group of homeowners who depend on quick fixes. For instance, if they realise there is a small crack on the window frame, they think applying a scotch tape will solve the problem.

Remember that these small cracks are the major cause of energy inefficiency of your windows. Though this is a part of the solution, it is not permanent. Again, there are some small cracks that you cannot see but are greatly impacting on the energy efficiency of your home since they are letting cold or warm air in.

It is advisable to opt for Aurora windows and doors replacement that will offer perm solution. Even of great significance in choosing a professional window installer to work with.

  1. Window Replacement Is Time-Consuming and Expensive.

The issue of cost and how long the project is going to take are two major things that homeowners always want to know before committing themselves into windows and doors replacement Aurora. But no contractor will give you a precise answer for this since the cost and time depend on other things such as the window frame type, glass panes and any other aspect that the homeowner wants to be factored in.

However, most contractors approximate the cost of windows replacement to range between $250-$1000. However, you may get a varying figure from different contractors. The reason is that this cost is determined by demand and supply and also the materials used to make the windows or doors. Other factors affect the cost, such as energy efficiency, aesthetic beauty, and durability.

  1. Window Replacements Are the Same.

When it comes to windows replacements in Aurora, no windows replacements are like the other. Replacing vinyl windows is different from replacing wood windows. For instance, while vinyl windows might require full-frame replacement, wood may need retrofit replacement.

  1. Window Replacement Is the Same as Window Installation.

Many people don’t understand the difference between new construction windows and window replacement, and that is why they easily trapped into this myth. New installation window is used when building a new home. When it comes to replacement windows, these are replaced in the existing opening where you don’t have to make a lot of changes. It is done if the frame has been damaged or rotten. Sometimes it can be done to install new windows that are more energy efficient compared to the existing windows.