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Man Tries To Give Serious BBC Interview, Forgets He Has Children


Parenting is everything but easy and this BBC correspondent Robert E. Kelly is the real example that parenting is a real struggle.

Try being a parent and being taking seriously at the same time. The worst case scenario happens, especially if your little one joins in and gives a special turns of the event.

So, here’s what happened. Kelly all suit up and ready to seriously discuss about South Korea, stands in front of the camera ready to do his job at his best. He starts to elaborate on BBC World News via webcam, when his little one decided to join in and participate in the call.

Because all of that wasn’t hilarious enough, his sibling joined in too, together with a stroller rolled.Then noticing them on the camera, Kelly tried to remain cool in the situation by apologizing and trying to salvage the situation, however people watching this interview went hysterical and this interview became viral within seconds.

Last one to try to save the moment was a woman who tried to hopelessly get the two kids out of the room and save the man’s reputation.

If the above description didn’t sound hilarious enough, watch and see it for yourself, because sometimes words can’t depict the moment.

Kelly acted like a pro, trying to stay calm and focused and he gets credit for that. As for the kids, they somehow managed to take his focus for a moment and be in the spotlight, stealing his moment entirely.

Watch this hilarious and epic moment on BBC: