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Seven Gift Ideas to Say a Special Thank You


When you want to really show your thanks and gratitude to someone, sometimes, a card isn’t enough. Picking out something special like a nice fragrance from Pulse of Perfumery to say thank you to someone can make them feel special,

Thanks a Latte!

If you’re looking for a gift for a pun lover or a coffee lover, or maybe both, then a ‘thanks a latte’ spoon might bring a smile to their face. These spoons are 6 inches long and perfect for stirring a hot drink on a cold day.

A candle to say thanks

A new candle is one of the best presents you can buy for someone for any occasion, including when you want to tell someone you’re grateful. They will last for hours, and if you choose a scented candle, then they will make the room smell amazing. Take it a step further and buy a candle where you can add a personalized message.

Customizable mug

If you want to make sure you’re buying something that will be useful, as well as deliver your message, then a custom mug is a great idea. If you’re saying thanks to a friend, your husband, or your wife, then a mug with a message from you will be with them for years.

A gift basket

If you can’t choose one thing that expresses your thanks, then a whole basket might do the job. Gift baskets are a classic way of saying thanks to someone, and you can make them yourself or send one pre-made. We recommend you check out Dom Perignon gift baskets for some of the best out there. If you choose to make your own gift basket, then choose a selection of sweet treats, some little (or big) bottles of their favorite drink, and then anything else you know they like to finish it off.

A gift set from Philosophy

If you’re buying for someone who loves their skin, then a gift set from Philosophy is the choice for you. You’ll get a wonderful selection of products, including a hand wash that will leave your skin feeling clean and soft, a hand lotion to keep your skin healthy and full of moisture, and then a selection of perfumes to make sure that you smell as good as you look.

A bottle of wine (or a few)

A bottle of wine is another classic way to say thank you. If you know that the person you’re buying for has a taste for a particular type of wine, then this could be the perfect gift. If you aren’t sure, then take some time to find a bottle that might suit them. Naked wines have a fantastic selection of wines from small producers that all taste amazing.

A gift card

If you’re buying for someone that can’t be bought for, then a gift card is a safe bet. This way, they can buy themselves something! Try to pick a store that you know they buy from already and let them treat themselves.