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What Does Your Butt Shape Say About You?

What Does Your Butt Shape Say About You

The size and shape of your buttocks can reveal a lot of things about your health. Only its size can show your general health condition. Generally, people tend to believe that fat storage is bad for our health, but this might not always be true.

Actually, it all depends on the position where the fat is stored. The specific places where fat is present reveal a lot about your health, according to researchers. For example, if you have fat on your chest or in the trunk, this might be a sign of poor health. On the other hand, having fat in the butt and hips is not as alarming.

The fat in the hip area keeps the harmful fat acids away from the heart, vital arteries, and liver. This way, the fat in the hips protects the body from heart diseases and even diabetes.

Our body is a smart system. It actually knows where to store fat. For women, the hormones dictate that fat should be stored in the butt, which keeps the heart protected.

Statistics also show that those with bigger butts have higher intelligence than others. Namely, people with buttocks of a larger size need more Omega-3 fats, which are linked to brain development.

Results also show that women with bigger buttocks actually have lower cholesterol levels, and their bodies are producing more hormones to process sugar.

So, having bigger buttocks is a good thing in some cases, but there are some things that we can do to remove the fat from our butt area and make the buttocks look and feel stronger. 

In this article, we’ll explain the most common butt shapes and what each of them says about a person’s health. But first, let’s see what determines the shape of the buttocks.

What Determines The Shape Of The Buttocks?

The shape of your body is determined by your skeletal and muscle structure and the distribution of fat. When it comes to the butt, what determines its shape is the position of your pelvis and hip bones. Other factors that affect the shape of your buttocks include:

  • How the muscles in your butt attach to the bones in your thighs
  • The size of your gluteal muscles
  • Your fat distribution, i.e., the way fat is distributed around your butt cheeks and in the upper parts of your buttocks

Additionally, your age, weight, and hormones also affect the shape of your butt.

What Does The Shape Of Your Bum Say About Your Health?

There are four different butt shapes: Square or H-shaped, circle or O-shaped, heart or A-shaped, and inverted or V-shaped butt.

Square-Shaped Butt

People with this butt shape usually have high hip bones. The layer of fat on their love handles, or flanks, also causes their butt to look more like a square.

Having a square-shaped butt might indicate several things. For example, it might mean that one regularly exercises but still doesn’t have a hard butt. Or it might indicate that there’s an excess of fat accumulated around the love handles, which increases a person’s risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

A square-shaped butt can also indicate that a person has a stable immune system and is resistant to stress.

If you have a square-shaped butt, don’t worry. By doing simple exercises and eating a low-fat diet, you can easily remove the unwanted fat from this area and make your muscles look better and feel stronger.

I think it’d be interesting to mention that people with a square-shaped butt are usually described as lazy.

Circle-Shaped Butt

What causes this butt shape is having full hips and more fat distribution around the butt cheeks. People with this butt shape are more likely to develop cellulite deposits.

If you have a circle-shaped butt, this indicates you’re in good health condition. This shape also indicates that there’s small storage of fat in the upper parts of the butt. No need to worry, this fat is easy to get rid of.

People with a circle-shaped butt are considered to ooze positive energy.

Heart-Shaped Butt

This is the shape all women dream of. What causes an A-shaped butt is fat distributed below the hip bones and in the lower part of the butt and thighs. As appealing as it looks, this shape might indicate that there’s some unwanted fat accumulation in the upper body. Additionally, people with this butt shape are more prone to heart disease.

On the good side, people who have a heart-shaped bum tend to lose fat much faster than others. The shape changes as you age, and the fat will move upwards to the middle of the butt. The best thing you can do is to get rid of the extra fat as fast as possible to avoid health problems later in life.

People with heart-shaped butts are said to be intellectuals. They’re also believed to speak their minds and express their feelings openly.

V-Shaped Butt

The inverted butt shape is the most commonly found butt shape in older women. As you age, you experience changes in your hormone levels and lose estrogen and collagen, which causes the fat from your butt area to move toward other parts of your body. 

To prevent this and tone your glutes, focus on eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. By eating healthy food and exercising, you’ll protect your heart from the fat that comes from other parts of your body as you age. The sooner you start burning body fat – the better results you’ll achieve and you’ll be less likely to suffer from heart disease later in life.

People with a V-shaped butt are said to be resourceful and highly adept at solving problems.

It’s worth mentioning that as you age and experience various hormonal changes, the shape of your butt changes as well.

What Is The Best Bum Shape?

The heart-shaped bottom is considered the most desirable, sexiest, and most attractive butt shape. I know a lot of women who hit the gym every day just to get a heart-shaped bum.
It’s no wonder the heart-shaped bottom is considered the best butt shape as it’s visually appealing, feminine, and sexy. Moreover, it can make any piece of clothing look amazing.

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What Does Your Butt Shape Say About You?