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She Deserves More Than Your Confused Feelings For Her


She deserves someone who is head over heels in love with her. Someone who calls her every day to check if she is okay or just to hear her voice. Someone who tells her to drive safe and text him when she gets home. Someone whose thought of her makes him feel content and complete. Someone who goes to bed excited at the thought that he might dream about her.

She deserves someone who tries to impress her because he wants to show her how important she’s to him. Someone who tells his friends how proud of her he is. Someone who is completely sure about his feelings for her. Not someone who constantly has second thoughts about her and the relationship. Not someone who keeps her at a distance because he’s still not sure whether he wants to make the relationship official or keep his single status for a little bit longer.

She deserves to be with someone who is 100% sure she is worth fighting for. Someone who knows her worth and how pure her soul is.

She deserves more than the occasional love text messages. More than a night out on Saturday.

She deserves romance and passion. She deserves quiet but meaningful conversations in a candlelit room.

She deserves more than his confused feelings for her. She deserves someone who has serious intentions with her. Someone who wants to be with her and with nobody else because it’s her who makes his eyes glow with happiness and his heart skip a beat.

She deserves someone who treats her with a lot of love, respect, kindness, and compassion – the way she treats him. Someone who patiently listens to her when she is talking about things bothering her. Someone who never neglects her feelings and needs even when he  has busy days or he’s going through difficult times. She deserves to be her guy’s first choice.

She is meant to be with a guy who is able to hear her silent thoughts. A guy with whom she becomes one. A guy who motivates her to fulfill her highest goals and wildest dreams. A guy who inspires her to grow personally and professionally.

She deserves someone who won’t fly of the handle when she gets jealous. Someone who has the courage to look deep into her soul and see her insecurities and fears and help her overcome them.

She deserves someone whose daily task is to make her happy. Someone who knows exactly what to say to make her laugh because her smile lightens up his world.

She is not meant to be with someone who has mixed feelings for her. 

She deserves a guy who doesn’t doubt his decision to be with her. A guy who knows that he’ll never regret choosing her out of all women because he knows with all his heart that she’s the ONE.

She is meant to be with someone who will show her that their relationship does have what it takes to last a lifetime.

She shouldn’t be stuck with someone who will think of others while kissing her or lying in bed next to her. Someone who isn’t afraid to risk the relationship.

She isn’t meant to be with someone who makes her feel confused, empty, or lonely when he’s next to her.

She doesn’t deserve to be hurt by someone who doesn’t reciprocate her feelings and isn’t fully invested in the relationship.

She should never be in a relationship where the give and take isn’t a mutual responsibility.

She isn’t meant to be with someone who takes her for granted while there are many of them out there who long to be with a woman like her. People who can see her kindness, value, and beauty. People who would be grateful for having such a special person in their lives – for having HER.

She should never settle for someone who isn’t completely sure about his feelings for her because she deserves to be given the same amount of unconditional love and respect she gives. She deserves someone who is fully committed to her and the relationship. Someone whose true love is crystal clear.

She Deserves More Than Your Confused Feelings For Her