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She Might Take A Little More Effort, But She Is Worth It


A woman who is smart, strong, and knows her worth and who has been hurt many times is not easy to love. She’s been through hell and back. She’s felt the sour, bitter taste of love. She’s had her happiness and hopes shattered many times.

Yet, this has never broken her. Instead, it has only helped her become tougher and more resilient. It has helped her explore the deepest parts of her soul and realize what she really needs and wants in life.

This kind of woman knows what kind of man she deserves to be with and she certainly knows how she deserves to be treated. She has clear, firm boundaries and she doesn’t let anyone disrespect them. She lives her life in accordance with her own beliefs and principles and she doesn’t allow anyone to make her behave otherwise.

And this makes her a little bit complicated, but one thing’s for sure: loving and being loved by such woman will be one of the most amazing and fulfilling experiences you can ever have in your life.

Once you realize the beauty of her soul, you’ll see she’s not difficult to love at all.

Once you realize her kind, sweet nature, you’ll know she’s the best thing you can ever have.

And I know, there will be times when you think she is cold and doesn’t love you. But, there’s a lot more to it than that. She keeps her heart guarded. She’s been hurt time and time again and therefore she has built high walls around her. She has a hard time opening up to love and letting someone in her heart.

She feels the safest in the world she’s created for herself.

She is like a pearl trapped in a shell which seems impossible to break. But, it only seems that way. The truth is, it takes a real man to break the shell she hides herself in.

It takes a real man to show her that love doesn’t always have to be difficult and painful.

So, if you’re willing and ready to put in the effort to break that shell, you’ll see that she was worth all the trouble once she steps out of it.

She doesn’t ask for too much. She doesn’t ask for something more than she deserves. She just needs someone who will be able to see her the way she is.

She needs someone who will accept and cherish her for who she is. Someone who will be aware of all her weaknesses, insecurities, and failures, and yet, never judge her for them or make her feel less important.

She needs someone who will prove worthy of her trust and love. She needs to know she can have complete trust in you.

She needs someone who will never make her doubt his feelings for her. Someone who will wear his heart on his sleeve and who will show how much she means to him.

She needs to feel that her man will never allow himself to play with her feelings, manipulate her, or break her heart.

So, if you’re willing to do all this for her, know it’ll be all worth it. Because when this woman loves, she loves hard. Deeply. Intensely. Passionately. Unconditionally.

When she sees she can trust you, she’ll fully commit to you.

She’ll offer you new perspectives on the world. She’ll teach you things you never knew before. She’ll make you feel in ways you’ve never felt before.

She’ll give a new meaning to your life.

She’ll motivate you to work on yourself and grow. Through her words and actions, she’ll inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

She won’t feel hesitant or afraid to go out of her way and make sacrifices to make you happy.

She’ll always be honest with you. She’ll always be herself around you so that you’ll never have to doubt her intentions with you and her feelings for you.

So, make sure you remind yourself of all this in the moments when you think about giving up on her because she takes a little bit more effort. Because once she lets you in her heart, you’ll see that she was worth all the effort.