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She Truly Loved You, And You Pushed Her Into The Arms Of Another Guy

you pushed her

You made a terrible mistake: You broke her heart into countless pieces and pushed her into the arms of another guy. You lost the woman who loved you from the bottom of her heart. The woman who wanted to make you the happiest man in the world.

You lost her and it is all your fault.

You lost her because you were never there when she needed someone to rely on. Because you were never there for her when she needed your help, advice, and support.

You lost her because you never gave her what she needed – a guy who would love her honestly and intensely. A guy who would fight for her happiness. A guy who would stick with her through thick and thin.

You pushed her into the arms of another man because you made her think that she was unworthy. That she didn’t deserve your love and attention.

You made her love another man because you always put her last on your list of priorities. Because you always had more important things to do and more interesting places to be at than spend time with her.

Because you always had time to spend the weekends with your friends, but were too busy to even go to the movies with her. You made her love another man because her feelings, needs, and desires didn’t matter to you.

You pushed her into the arms of another man when you failed to see the sparkle in her eyes when she looked at you and feel her heart beating like crazy at your touch.

You pushed her into the arms of another man because you made her cry countless times. Oftentimes, she cried lying next to you in bed at night, but you were too deaf to hear her sobs. You were too blind to see her pain and too insensitive to feel the wounds you engraved in her soul.

You pushed her into the arms of another man because you took her for granted.

You promised that you’d always love her and be there for her. You promised that she’d never miss anything because she had you and you were going to give her the world. Yeah, you created a nice fairytale, I give you that.

But, soon that fairytale turned into her greatest nightmare. She saw you weren’t the person she thought you were. You weren’t a kind, helping, and loving man, but a selfish, flaky, unsupportive, and cruel one. Instead of loving her the most, like you swore, you showed that the only person you were capable of loving was yourself.

Yes, you didn’t pay attention to her. You made her feel invisible. She felt your indifference like a razor cutting through her heart.

You kept her around because you needed someone who would make you feel good about yourself and boost your ego. You never said that aloud, but deep down, you always knew she was way better than you. She was everything you’ve always wanted to be but never was.

You kept her in your life because you needed to have some fun. Because you weren’t the type of man who would be in a serious relationship. It was all about fun, wasn’t it?

And that was what hurt her the most. She was serious about you. She loved you dearly and you meant the world to her. She wasn’t afraid to give you all of herself and she was ready to do anything to make you happy.

How could you not appreciate this? How could you think she was good enough for you only when she killed your boredom and offered you fun? How could you treat her as just one more option in the sea of options you had in front of you? How could you not realize her worth?

And that-that was your biggest mistake. You took her for granted. You thought she’d always be there, waiting for you to come and receive you with her arms open, no matter how many times you lied to and hurt her.

You thought that you could keep her like a helpless bird in a cage and feed her hopes and love for you with lies, grandiose promises, and sweet words. You thought you could clip her wings so as to prevent her from leaving you and flying into the arms of another man.

You thought that she’d always stay by your side. But, you were so wrong.

You got so used to her pleasing you and playing by your rules that you forgot how strong she was. Because the truth is, love can make you blind to the harsh truth that’s staring right at your eyes. The truth that the person you love the most doesn’t feel the same way about you.

Love can make you naïve and act like a fool and take away your ability to think logically, but it can never take your strength away.

And this woman was strong. Your lies, indifference, and all the pain you put her through couldn’t break her-they only made her stronger.

I’m sorry, my friend, but this woman gave you a thousand chances and you blew them all. You failed to make happy the woman who had a heart of gold and truly loved you. She realized you’d never change and be the man you pretended to be when you first met.

She realized it was time for her to stop fighting for you and start fighting for herself. For her happiness. For her opportunity to feel fulfilled and alive again.

She realized you belonged in her past. And no, she’s not mad at you. After all you taught her a valuable lesson. You taught her how to love and appreciate herself more.

Sorry, but this is your loss and it all your fault. You pushed her into the arms of another man – a man that knows how to protect, cherish, and love her. A man who didn’t have to lose her first so as to realize her worth.

She Truly Loved You, And You Pushed Her Into The Arms Of Another Guy