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She Was THE ONE And You Missed It


I guess you realized this a little too late. She is no longer THE ONE but the one that got away. That’s the logical thing to happen when you trade a rough diamond for a rock.

She was ready to go through whatever may come in life, together with you. Whether it’s good times or bad, the together part was most important. She was scared of no storms or torments but you left her at the first sight of clouds and a slight chance of rain. If love was meant to go only through the good and rosy part of life then it would lose all meaning and we wouldn’t call it love.

By the time you realized what she meant to you she probably went to someone else. She is the one for HIM now. He knows her worth without the need of someone telling him that. He could see the gem she became out of that rough diamond and gave her a special place in his heart.

Leaving her is not probably but certainly the worst thing you could have done in your life. It’s not every day that we find someone who truly accepts us the way we are and loves us on top of that. Her love was pure and unconditional as if you were the only man for her in the whole white world.

She constantly proved her words with actions which is not the same she could say about you, right? If you DID she wouldn’t have left. She would have stuck with you no matter what.

Most importantly, she supported you to follow your dreams and pushed you to become a better person. What did YOU do? You took her for granted and let her flame just fade away…

One day it will dawn on you, if it hasn’t yet, that she was THE ONE that was meant for you to keep forever. She made you laugh and laughed at your jokes, she made the sun shine a bit brighter and gave you a silver lining whenever things got rough.

The biggest mistake most buys make is to think that they can have the same love and support with every girl they set their mind on. This is the biggest difference between boys and men. A real man knows that when you find a keeper you stick with them no matter what. Most importantly, never take them for granted.

So, one day when you GROW UP you will know when you’ve found a keeper but you will never forget THE ONE that got away.