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She’s Going To Be The Girl You Wish You Married


I saw your pale sad eyes. I felt those invisible tears shattering your whole body and soul. It seemed like all hopes were lost in that one moment. A moment of deep regrets. When you saw her… You looked like a 5-year-old child who lost his favorite toy.

No, it wasn’t about that stunning red piece of clothing covering her tiny gentle silhouette. Neither was about those deep-set blue eyes filled with intense curiosity, red curly hair burning like fire, her perfect smile, nor was about the flower scent of her perfume.

It was about LOVE. REAL LOVE.


She was your moon on a dark night. She was your friend, partner, a lending hand when nobody cared, a shelter from cold raining storms.

She was the girl who gave you everything she had, did everything that could be done. Even more than that. Her love was sweet, unselfish, chaotic, infinite. SHE CHOSE TO LOVE ONE MAN. SHE CHOSE YOU.

She gave you the keys to real love. She opened the gates of her sacred heart to you.

What did you do? You played with it and threw it like a plastic bag.

She threw her purely innocent soul under your feet.

What did you do? You stepped on it with dirty shoes.

You…You gave up on love so quickly. You considered love to be nothing but a game. And you played it. Till the end… When you run leaving her scared and alone. So alone and unloved.

Now… She’s no longer the girl who will send you sweet messages for a good night. She’s no longer the girl who’ll wrap her arms around you when you get home tired from work. She’s no longer the girl who’ll care about how your day at work was.

She’ll no longer “bother” you with her witty stories and make you laugh. She’ll no longer cry with you on your favorite romantic movie, the movie you were watching together.

She’ll no longer push you forward so you can fulfill your biggest dreams and achieve your goals. She’s no longer your rainbow of daily inspiration.

She’ll no longer wear that red dress for you. You’ll no longer touch those red soft lips like a wine… You won’t have that chance. No more.

Now… She’s the same beautiful, caring person, but she’s not with you anymore.

She’ll no longer fight for a bit of your love.

She will be with someone who’ll treat her the way you didn’t. She will be loved.

Now… now you know. “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone…”

She is not the girl you are going to marry. She is the girl you’ll be thinking of 15 years from now, wishing you would have married. Just because deep inside you, SHE WAS THE REAL ONE.

Image: Jameykay Huffman