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8 Signs That Can Reveal If A Person Is Genuine Or Fake


Fake people. No matter how much you try to avoid them, they always seem to find their way into your life now and then. Perhaps you are dealing with a bunch of fake people even now. So how to tell a genuine from a fake person?

Here are 8 signs that can reveal if a person is fake and at the same time, the same tests can be used to see how genuine that person is:

  1. Respect

A genuine person will respect everyone deserving of respect. You will see them greeting the cleaning lady and the most powerful person they know with equal kindness. This is because a genuine person will recognize the true values a person can possess.

A fake person will respect only those with power. This is not really an ability that can be called respect, but rather their weakness and at the same time wish to climb upwards by latching on those that have already climbed up. Get away from these people.

  1. Getting along with people

A genuine person will never try to make people like them. If they get along, they are getting along because they like the other person. If they don’t get along, they won’t often try to do so, just to be liked by everyone.

A fake person will always try to have people like them, no matter what. They will always be nice to everyone and will always shower them with compliments and whatever they want to hear. This is not because they like them in the genuine sense, but because they want to be liked by everyone.

  1. Attention

Genuine people don’t try to gain attention by any means. They act naturally, just the way they are, and they can definitely attract attention with that, but never with the purpose to do that.

Fake people are attention seekers. They will do everything to be in the center of attention, if not by everyone, at least by those they deem worthy of noticing them.

They do this to show just how ‘good’ they are at doing things, or how ‘superior’ they are compared the rest. This is of course not always the case.

  1. Bragging

Genuine people don’t feel the need to brag. If they are good at something, they are – simple as that. Whatever they receive as a reward for being good at something comes as a response to what they have tried hard to achieve.

Fake people will brag as much as they can – for things they have managed to do, and things they haven’t. If they haven’t succeeded much at anything, they will invent a success they have heard of, compare it to what they have presented about themselves so far, and they will brag that they have done it.

  1. Opinion

Genuine people will speak out when they have something on their mind. They aren’t afraid of saying what needs to be said and they will never keep it inside. They express their opinions openly and they don’t really see a reason not to. They don’t always have to be right, but it’s their opinion.

Fake people will never have the courage to do this, especially if it’s about a person. They will turn to gossip and spread rumors and dirt about a person. Especially if that person is more capable and more powerful than them. Either that, or they will humiliate those that are more allowing – especially people pleasers.

  1. Commitments

Genuine people will always try to live up to their promises and will openly admit if they have gone astray. They are usually aware of their capabilities and try to make commitments they think they can live up to.

Fake people will make commitments more easily than genuine people. The difference is, they will seldom keep them. They will offer themselves to do whatever comes as a topic, just to be noticed and thought of as capable and reliable. However, they don’t live up to this idea.

  1. Admiration

Genuine people don’t have a problem admiring others for their abilities. They will praise others for things they have done, and will admire them for that.

Fake people will not admit if someone has done something good. Instead, they will try to find the little faults and use them to criticize others, just to make themselves look great. Because they don’t try to do much, they would rather make others seem less capable.

  1. Helpfulness

Genuine people are nice and helpful most of the time. They will try their best to give a helping hand to whoever needs one. Of course, they are ready to deny help to those who want to use them, should they notice that this is the case.

Fake people will help out only if there is something they can gain out of it. They work with hidden agendas and they don’t really find ‘selfless help’ as a concept that should exist.

So, if a fake person is helping you, you should know that they are getting something from it, even if you can’t put your finger on it.Put the people you know through these 8 tests and see how many they will fail. Now that you think of it, how many fake people do you know?