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Signs that show you are not fit


There, DEFINITELY exist a big difference between being actually fit and just appearing fit. You might see an obese person and think that he eats well and therefore is super healthy. On the contrary, you would assume a skinny person to be super bad at physical work. THESE ARE JUST SUPERSTITIONS! No reality lies in judging the fitness of a person by their appearance and outlook only. Today I am going to mark out some important signs that depict if you really are fit or not, so without any further ado’ let us get onto the review section


Before getting to read the article’s context, I will suggest you let go of your weight figure. Your weight sometimes lets you control your diet and eating plan. People with a lesser weight decide to eat all their favorite junk food and forget about fitness exercises. ‘Fitness is a necessity for people of all ages, sizes, and body shapes.’. Keep that in mind, and I bet you will remain healthy and fit for the rest of your life—readout below the signs and symptoms that would help you judge whether you are fit or not.


This category of people includes me too! Some people get cravings of their favorite food and then end up overeating in an excess amount. If you are someone who is doing this, let go of this habit already. You can not ever achieve good health and fitness if you are someone who constantly overeats. I have a trick for you to help you eliminate this habit from your eating routine.

Before you get served with a plate containing your favorite food, drink one and a half glass of water. Then when you are in the middle of eating, drink another full glass of water. You would feel your stomach is already, and even if you want to eat more, you would not. This is one best remedy to get rid of the disastrous habit of overeating. TRY IT OUT!

SIDE TIP: Form up an eco-health plan, and follow it with consistency for the best consequences. 


Ahh! Pointing out the most common habit you would find in almost every other young individual out there! Smoking is something people have normalized, and it is not even a big deal now if you are smoking daily. Let me tell you that smoking tobacco or nicotine is one such habit that will destroy your physical fitness and deeply affect your organs internally.

I have a good substitute for this. Instead of smoking the intoxicating nicotine and weed, why do not you try our CBD bud? This herb has literally got no bad effects and would not affect your organs internally too. It gets quickly into your bloodstream and starts fixing some common therapeutically occurring conditions such as migraines, depression attacks, asthma, and even anxiety and stress. So, why not try out something which has zero negative effect on your body system and produces the same emotions and feelings that a cig of tobacco would do.


A workout is a necessity! No matter if you are eating healthy and fine, you still need to involve fitness in your daily routine. DO NOT underestimate the results that constant exercising and fitness activities give you.  No matter the processing is slow but worth the time it takes. If you do not like doing the daily regular workout tasks, try out some yoga or meditation exercises.

I would also suggest you not to do the tough and hard cardio workout unless you have a good quality exercise mat with you. Else wise, you can join a gym and get benefitted from the comfortable gym equipment. Riding a bike, or an e-bike for half an hour every day can also be a great substitute for everyday exercise. 


One major reason that would not let you stay fit no matter what diet you are taking is getting anxious and stressed a lot. Stress is the major reason for several diseases, including diabetes, kidney failures, and even heart strokes. When they reach an older age, certain people catch these diseases even when these are not genetic. This is a consequence of stressful events that lead to such a condition.

I would advise you to enjoy every little moment of your life and try being a bit less concerned about everything around you. Caring about everything sometimes gets very frustrating and throws you in a deep well of tension from where getting out is not possible.  Life is a gift; make the best use of it!!


Get up and grab a diary. Scribble down a neat fitness plan for yourself upon it and follow it with CONSISTENCY. Remember that consistency is the key. Without being regular in your daily activities, you can achieve any success. I would also recommend you give yourself a little pat on the shoulder and treat yourself with your favorite food whenever you cross a milestone. Good luck with all the efforts!