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Signs That Your Friendship Is Turning Into Something More

how to know when a friendship is turning into something more

A sweet friendship refreshes the soul. The one which is on the verge of turning into something substantial completely changes our world. To fall for a friend is the most beautiful feeling, and if love is required, there can be nothing better. That friend who understands you, takes care of you, and makes you feel butterflies in your stomach, may soon become your BAE.

How to know when a friendship is turning into something more?

If you are looking for these signs, we have listed all of them!

Body Language

You will notice a small change in the body language of your love interest a.k.a friend. They will start standing close to you. While you are hanging out with friends, he/she will find reasons to sit nearby you or will grab a chair and sit right next to you.


The friend that was all comfortable with you talking to random people or dating will start acting jealous. He/she is falling for you, and they won’t accept that you are showing interest in someone else. If they are the one talking about their crush, then you will feel the pangs of jealousy.

Thinking about them All Day

You will feel butterflies as soon as you think about them. The whole day turns into a flashback of the happy days and the sweet moments. You start waiting for their message and keep checking your phone for the same. Your friend will start messaging you frequently, and it shows that even they are thinking about you.

Longer Conversations

The shorter messages will turn into long conversations. Everything will be discussed in chats from your lunch and dinner habits to the things you love. They start showing more interest in your likes and dislikes. One liner will turn into paragraphs, and real and meaningful conversations are the new thing between you both. All you want is to chat with them all day, and there are high chances that they want it too.

Priorities Change

When the cupid has shot his arrow and you both are smitten by each other, your priorities change. Outings are all about spending time with each other, and mutual friends are avoided at all costs. Instead of attending parties with friends, you both pick each other and plan private outings. You become each other’s priority and are comfortable in changing plans accordingly. Your likes become theirs and you start receiving your favourite flowers, and chocolates as they want to make you feel special.

Flirting Starts

Friendly conversations are now more about flirting, smiling while texting and blushing on their texts. Friendliness turns into flirtiness. Pay attention, and you will notice that there is more touching, eye contact and complimenting each other has become a daily thing. You start looking forward to Valentine’s week as it is the best time when you can give hints that you are smitten by them. You start planning for Valentine’s and looking for non-cheesy Valentine’s Day gifts for him or her which will express just what you want and won’t be extra.

Awkward Behaviour

Friends make us feel relaxed. We can say anything and do anything in front of them. When there are romantic feelings involved that friendly comfort is not there anymore. You become nervous and awkward around them. This awkwardness is not because you don’t know them, but both of you are getting emotionally involved, and it is quite overwhelming.

Making Plans Frequently

Your friend cum love interest starts making plans with you for a meeting. Now, instead of meeting once or twice in a month, you meet every week. The frequency of meetings may turn to thrice in a week as they enjoy being with you. Soon the making plans turns into surprising them with gifts and impromptu plans.

These signs are a clear indication that your friendship is turning into a romantic bond. It’s time for you to accept and admit your love and make a meaningful connection with your friend who means much more!