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Signs You Should Visit a Pain Management Centre in Lanham


Lanham is a quaint suburb about 10 miles from Washington, DC. It is a gateway to many exciting outdoor recreational activities and numerous adventures that every science enthusiast would love to explore.

Whether it’s the Greenbelt Park or the NASA Goddard Space Flight Visitor’s Center, you can enjoy the city’s offerings only when you are physically fit. If you suffer from acute and chronic pain and wish to get immediate relief, it is best to consult a physician if you are in Lanham Maryland pain management. Top experts offer categorized treatments for quicker resolution. Here are a few visible signs which indicate that it’s high time you visit a pain management center in Lanham.

The Pain Appears to Be Chronic

Considering the most specialized occupations, Lanham has more people working as firefighters, protective service workers and building maintenance employees.

When you work in such domains, where there is some physical activity involved, you will endure chronic pain over time. If left unattended, it can leave you in pain for months.

Leading pain management experts offer treatments like Rhizotomy to effectively relieve chronic back pain and muscle spasms. While you start experiencing the benefit of such therapies within a couple of weeks, the effects last for at least a year.

You Feel Pain When You Move in A Specific Position

About 7.5% of Lanham’s working community finds employment in Sales-related and office administrative support occupations.

Such job profiles involve long hours of standing and walking. While you are on the go, you might feel persisting pain when you move a specific way.

Reputable specialists in Lanham, Maryland, help in pain management. They first locate the source of pain. Accordingly, they offer the required customized treatment to relieve you from the pain.

You Feel Radiating Pain

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then Lanham is the place to be; it presents mesmerizing trails like the Bethesda Trolley Trail and Black Hill Trail.

Though the scenic landscape of Lanham can be appealing, continuous engagement in physical activities might lead to pain radiating from your limbs. When pain spreads through your entire body, you might start feeling numbness, which is a sign.

Experienced consultants check for a herniated disc that typically causes such pain conditions, involving arms or leg pain and weakness.

You Struggle to Perform Day-to-day Physical Movements

While nearly 82% of the population prefers private vehicles, 1% usually walk on trails such as the BWI trail to commute around Lanham.

When you commute to work daily, you might start feeling pain while driving in your automobile or walking for hours. The pain may restrict you from performing your other everyday activities.

Top consultants present treatments like spinal cord stimulator trials, during which you can confirm the painful areas and get full coverage during the procedure. You can thus get relief from long-term debilitating pain and carry on with your everyday physical activities painlessly.

The Pain Keeps You Up in The Night

Over 11% of people in the Lanham workforce toils in the construction, extraction and repair occupations. When you work in such sectors, your nights will inevitably be painful after long days of hardship.

Qualified specialists offer treatment for numerous pain conditions, from facet syndrome, osteoarthritis to myofascial pain. Depending on your degree of pain, they diagnose and provide the right treatment that allows you to have a goodnight’s sleep.

You Feel Pain Due to the Incision Made for A Surgery You Had Recently

While most commuters in Lanham leave for work between 7 am to 7.30 am, about 10.5% prefer traveling from 8 am to 9 am. And if you travel during these peak hours, chances are you might meet with an accident, as everybody is in a rush.

Typically, over time the pain due to the incision made during your surgery reduces. But if it still hurts, it’s a sign that you need medical attention.

Experienced physicians in Lanham offer treatment for all pain conditions from head to toe, even if it’s a small incision that’s causing you pain.

You Have A High Dependency on Medication

At times, you might find it convenient to take painkillers to overcome your pain conditions. But over-reliance on medication comes with disturbing side-effects, which is best to avoid.

There are experts in Lanham who offer treatments for even common forms of joint pains like those in the hips and knee. They recommend exercise, weight loss and interventional procedures that will help you naturally recover from your pain.

Final Thoughts

Lanham presents a Comfort Index of 7.3 out of 10, making it more comfortable than most places in the state, thus attracting the retired population to settle here.

Find the best center in Lanham, Maryland, for pain management and consult a specialist to relieve you of your acute pain conditions. Rest assured, you can then enjoy this suburban charm to the fullest for years together.