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This Simple Image Can Reveal Some Important Things About Your Personality


It is said that every one of us chooses to live a certain kind of reality and our personality plays the crucial role here. Our perception of the world depends on our personality and the things we focus on first, or most of the time, are usually the hints needed for someone to determine and understand some crucial things about you.

This test was inspired by the Rorschach inkblot tests that are one of the few devices which have entered the modern world in such intensity. The Rorschach inkblot tests are a series of cards containing pictures of inkblot and are folded in the middle to create a symmetrical image.

Concerning the accuracy and reliability of the test, Dr Mike Drayton states for BBC.com: “I first came across the Rorschach inkblot test when I was training to be a clinical psychologist.

I was shown a series of cards containing inkblots and asked to say what they looked like to me (Tester: “What does this look like?” Me: “A bat.”) I remember thinking that it felt more like a tarot reading than a proper psychometric test.

However, when the test was scored and interpreted, it produced a scarily accurate profile of my personality. It knew things about me that even my mother didn’t know. I’ve been a fan, if a rather sceptical one, ever since.”

The image you are about to see below is inspired by the same technique used in the Rorschach inkblot tests and is going to yield results about an important part of your personality.

It can not, however, create a full profile of your personality, as for that many pictures like this one will need to be used.

The profile it is going to create is nevertheless an important part of your personality that is connected to your intra-personal and inter-personal intelligence and your general perception of the world around you.

So, before reading the results, look at the picture and say the first thing that comes in your mind when you see the picture.

The Results

If you saw an explosion:

Your creativity and strong imagination are your prime traits. Working in the artistic field might be a very good option to choose, if you haven’t already. This is especially true if you feel stressed and unsatisfied with your current employment.

Did you like to sing or dance when you were younger? Or did you enjoy painting? Even if you don’t decide to switch professions, taking up a creative activity as a hobby is something you should definitely think of. You will not regret your decision.

 If you saw two hands:

Besides your strong imagination, you base your perception on your logic. Logic is at the root of everything you do, be it creative or not. Before imagining anything, you always try to see what there is and then build a mental image of what it might become. Your sharp mind and rationale makes people feel safe to look for your advice.

Your primary ability is to remove yourself from complex situations easily and find an appropriate answer that would work for everybody.

Your rational mind does not allow you to panic easily and you are able to instill calm in emergency situations. Everybody around you admires this ability you possess and this is why you are often made the leader even if you may think that others are better for the job.

 If you saw a tree:

You stand for the ideal of beauty in the details. You are an extremely observant person and nothing passes your perception without you noticing it. In fact, you tend to notice some details that others may not be aware that exist.

Having this ability, you are able to notice and understand the feelings of those around you with a high dose of awareness.

This gives you the advantage of asking the right questions in the right time. With all said, your greatest skill, observance, can easily contribute to the success of your business career or your career in counseling.

 If you saw nothing:

You need to give yourself a rest – a vacation would be ideal. Not being able to see anything in the picture shows that your brain is tired and unable to perform complex tasks.

If you’ve been getting angry easily or have had a hard time facing a problem from a different angle, these are signs that you are overworked and you need some time off for yourself.

Plan a personal day and do everything in your power to stick to the plan.

You deserve it!

So what did you see? Share below in the comments and send this test to your friends. You may learn something new about them!