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Single Japanese Women Are Buying The Boyfriend Experience


Rather than dealing exasperating issues of relationships and marriage, women are turning to a new industry of companionship. This industry sells the whole boyfriend experience, and single women are buying it. 

Japanese women for the first time in history are rejecting the idea of relationships and marriage. The reason may be that today more than ever women around the world are economically independent, and women from Japan are no exceptions.

Instead of dealing with relationship and marriage problems women decide to turn to new options for companionship. These modern services offer women to hire a man to get the whole relationship experience.

But, what is it missing from women’s life that would make them hire someone to act like their boyfriend? Why would they need him?

The truth is, even the most independent women can get lonely sometimes. Women from Japan now have an opportunity to hire ‘a Host’ and pay him to take them out on romantic dates, to watch movies with them, and cuddle all night long.

“The Host’s job is to make it seem like she is on a normal date. Like she is with a man she is not paying. We provide a dream,” says one such Host.

So, how much it costs to hire a boyfriend in Japan? The prices vary but are usually less than 100,000 yen (approximately $890) for a night.

A Host’s job is to provide women with extraordinary relationship experiences. They go out on a date, they talk, they can touch during the talk – but nothing sexual beyond that.

What are the industry’s strategies? They use the same sales techniques as any other businesses, and hosts are ranked based on sales.

Moreover, hosts are always finding new ways to remain and become more attractive to women. They exercise, often go to hair salons, massages, and things like that.  Plus, they always research for new ways to make the women laugh.

One could ask: In a situation like that, who has the most power the woman or the man?

One host says: “Women pay the money. But we, as hosts, sell masculinity. So, we have to be more manly than the standard man. This is the only place where women pay for men, even as expensive as it is. So, the power balance shifts and it depends on the situation.”

And for Japanese women who don’t want a sexual relationship, but aren’t entirely satisfied with just hanging out with a guy and going on a date, there is a new place on the marked known as ‘Sheep boys’ where they can find emotional and physical intimacy.

The term “sheep boys” comes from people having ‘to count sheep’ to fall asleep. So in a way, they are providing women with a sense of comfort and security.

For those women who are willing to pay $100 per hour, they can hire a guy to come to their place and make them dinner, watch a movie with them, talk, and cuddle.

The service ranges from ‘short nap packages’ to ‘overnight sleepovers’ which can cost over a grand.

So, how these sleepovers usually start?

“At first we could relax and have something to drink while we introduce ourselves a little and maybe watch TV or something. Then we could lie down together… is the course of the service.”

Women often talk about the problems and fears they have which they can’t tell to anyone close.

The age of the women varies between 30-50, and they range from students and housewives to working ladies.

Many women nowadays feel like the traditional system of marriage is not for them. Their financial security and their independence further nourish their belief that they do not need a man in their life.

So, they are finding new easy ways to connect with people and fulfill their need for intimacy and connection.

What do you think about this trend in Japan? Do you agree with it?

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