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Which sleep position is healthiest


Turning and tossing up until the morning should be a cause of concern for any individual. Simply put, this means that your body does not have the appropriate requirements for optimal sleep. While it might be easy to blame your sleeping regime for your compromised sleep, the real complication might be related to your sleeping position.

In fact, for most individuals, choosing the correct sleeping position plays an important role in the overall health and well-being. There are various types of sleeping positions, each with its unique drawbacks and benefits. One might ask, which sleep position is healthiest?

Broadly speaking, it all boils down to body mechanics, which play an important role in sleep. You have to ensure the spine is in alignment just in the same way as the chassis of an automobile. If you come across a bump on the ride, you can still drive though you know it’s not good for the structure of your care. Additionally, bad sleep positions are not good for your overall health and they might compromise the natural alignment of your spine.

Achieving optimal sleep is important for our overall health, body, mood, and mind. This particularly is true since we spend as much as one-third of our lives asleep. Although it is important to choose the correct sleep position, not many people have sufficient insight into the best sleeping positions for their rest needs.

Back sleeping

This by far one of the best sleeping positions and it is perfect for almost any type of individual. Sleeping on your back might help you to wake up feeling more refreshed than normal, In fact, this one of the healthiest sleep positions for adults and children. It’s the only sleep position that you can sleep all night without having to re-adjust the body. When you sleep on your back, the body weight is well distributed across the skeletal and spine.

This reduces the effects of tossing and turning, which are often due to poor sleep positions. More so, if you suffer from back complications, sleeping on your back with a pillow on your keens might be ideal for your back and spine complications. Only if you are pregnant it matters whether you sleep on the left or the right side. These two positions support the neck and the spine, which leads to more relaxed night’s sleep and helps to prevent injuries in the long term. It doesn’t matter if you are pregnant and you sleep on the left or right side. Sleeping in both these positions supports the neck, which leads to health sleep results.

Side sleeping

This is one of the most popular sleeping positions, and it has various health benefits. For those who snore or suffer from breathing complications, this sleeping position is ideal. To be specific, sleeping on the side helps to open up the airways for improved breathing, especially at night. More so, this sleep position is also perfect for the spine, and it might help to mitigate back complications. In this case, you will need to own one of the best pillows and mattresses for comfortable sleeping.

It helps to provide a slightly curled in the fetal position that promotes that natural structure of the spine. It helps to provide your spine with some relief as well. It is preferred by most individuals since it provides more comfort than the conventional sleeping positions. Side sleeping has been shown to be a much better sleep technique as when compared to stomach sleeping. It allows the individual to place the spine and neck in alignment. With that being said, the individual might have to turn at one point to avoid compromising the functionality of one side of the body.

Stomach sleeping

This is one of the most controversial sleeping positions. This is because it is a popular sleep technique though its drawbacks are often significant. With that being said, for those who are back sleepers and suffer from snoring, switching to the stomach might help to improve the functionalities of the airways. However, there are no other benefits of this type of sleep position.

In fact, it is one of the leading causes of neck pain. Various medical experts consider this position to be the worst due to various reasons. It causes the neck to sit at a 90-degree angle from the body while also raising the head and neck up to the pillow. Sleeping on your stomach might also lead to increased digestion and breathing complications.


Taking all things into perspective, choosing the appropriate sleep position plays a vital role in our quality of sleep. If you have been tossing and turning in bed, then you should consider trying out the healthiest sleeping positions for your needs. Ensure that you also have the appropriate sleeping regime including the best pillows and mattresses for improved comfort.