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Sleeping on Your Stomach- 4 Reasons Why This Is Very Bad for Your Health


When you sleep, in which position do you sleep? Side, Back or Stomach?

Well, there are basically 3 main sleeping positions; side sleeping, back sleeping and stomach sleeping. Among these three positions, sleeping on your back is the worst sleeping position for your health. Yep, really! Though a lot of people’s favorite sleeping position is sleeping on the stomach, but this position has been hurting your health over days, slowly.

As a result, people are facing too many problems such as different kinds of pain, sleep problem, lack of sleep symptoms and many more.

Today, we’ll talk about the top 4 reasons why you should not sleep on your stomach.

  1. Reason of the Strain on Your Spine:

If you have been sleeping on your stomach for a long time, then you might notice the pain in your spine. The stomach sleeping position affects your spine pretty badly and you feel sleep disturbance in the middle of the night, as a result. It’s maybe your favorite sleeping position, but not for your body! Yep, your body and joints get pressure in the sensitive points when you sleep on your stomach.

According to a medical research, we came to know that your spine gets a certain amount of pressure & stain in this sleeping position which is very bad for your body. The body divides its full weight into the different dependable points of the body during sleep in order to ensure the comfort and avoid the risk of any hurt. But when you continue sleeping on your stomach for a long time, the body pressure gets divided into sensitive parts such as spine and back and creates pain.

  1. It also Creates Neck Pain:

Stomach sleeping not only creates spine pain, but also it creates neck pain too. The neck gets comfortable position when you sleep on your back or your side. But when you sleep on your stomach, the neck remains in a very uncomfortable situation. You can reduce the pain by using a good mattress such as memory foam mattress and soft pillows.

That’s because when you sleep on your stomach, it’s difficult to move your head when needed. It also put your head out of the alignment. Using good mattress and pillows may reduce this problem in a small amount, but it’s better to avoid this position to stay away from neck pain. This position also leads to tingling or numbness types of sensation which are uncomfortable too.

  1. It’s One of the Reasons of Sleep problem:

Do you really know what the sleep position meaning is? If you think any position of sleeping, then you’re wrong completely. The sleep position means the position which is both good for your sleep and health. But most of the time, we just give priority to the sleep, not the health which is wrong. 

You get your sleep quickly in your favorite sleep position. But, it also creates sleep problems too! How?

Well, you sleep and your joints, spine, back and neck get hurt. As a result, you get sleep disturbance and can’t fulfill your required sleep. And you know, how deep is the impact of the lack of proper sleep in your daily life! That’s why you must change your sleep position as soon as possible, to a better one!

  1. It’s Very Dangerous for Pregnant women:

The stomach sleeping is totally forbidden for the women who are pregnant! It’s both for the mom and the baby. The stomach sleeping creates many nervous problems and releases the pressure just over the baby which is extremely dangerous for the baby! If you’re a woman and you sleep on your stomach, you must give it up today for your future baby! Because, you can’t change the habit instantly.

Remember, if you sleep on your stomach during pregnancy, the baby will be in the middle of the mattress and the spine which doesn’t let the baby having more room to develop a healthier body. Be careful!