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What Your Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Personality


Just as the color of your clothes or the size of your car can reveal your true self, the same goes for some more unusual aspects of your life, namely, your sleeping habits! Would you ever guess that your sleeping positions are that important?!

Various scientific studies on human behavior claim that the way you sleep can reveal exactly who you are! Allegedly, they can tell what type of a woman you are, or even, how your relationships work. In short, psychological tests can expose your personality!

So, do you think you are a leader, a “soldier” or a “starfish” personality?! Let’s find out by using this simple online personality test. See if you recognize yourself in one of the described positions – who knows, you might even discover something that you didn’t know about yourself either!

There are quite a lot of positions that people can adopt unconsciously while sleeping, especially if they are too tired or restless. Several various sleeping positions are described below, with corresponding characteristics.

The Yearner / Reacher position 

In this sleeping position people like to rest on their sides, with their arms stretched forward – it seems like they’re literally trying to reach for something! This personality type is said to be open for new challenges, but can at times be cynical or suspicious. Also, they often tend to be slow decision makers.

The Starfish position 

You’re a starfish personality if you prefer to sleep on your back with both your arms stretched upwards, on each side of your head, resting on the pillow! The sleep analysis tests reveal that, as a “starfish”, you might be a very good listener and you’re liked by many, as you are always there for people when they need you. In short, you’re a likeable friend in need! 

The Log position 

The log sleeping people like to sleep on one of their sides, with their arms stretched down. Their legs are stretched in the same posture. Log sleeping position reveals highly sociable and trusting personalities. However, their trust level might get too high, even to the point of gullibility.  

The Soldier position 

Soldier sleepers peacefully lie on their back with arms along their bodies. Being a “soldier”, you are likely to be self-assured, with a strong personality, setting high standards both for yourself and for others!  You might be a calm, silent personality type.

The Freefall position 

In this position, it appears as if you have just taken a freefall with your face down! In other words, you lie on your stomach with your arms on the pillow and head sideways.

Free fallers are often perceived as very optimistic and enthusiastic personalities, true leaders, but they sometimes might seem too sensitive when it comes to criticism. At times, they might be considered as being nervous or short tempered.

The Fetus position

Fetus is the most common and the most well known sleeping position that people assume during their sleep. In this curled-up position, you lie on your side with bent knees and arms. You almost sleep like a baby! According to a British researcher Mr. Chris Idzikowski, women are more inclined to assume the fetus position, in comparison to men.

It seems that people who often use this sleeping position can be shy or even sensitive. For the outside world, this personality type might appear strong or tough but they actually have a very gentle heart.