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Smart tips and tricks to reduce anxiety


People suffering from anxiety have a difficult time coping with some day-to-day tasks. This can impact the quality of their life, and they can get progressively more depressed and sad. Developing some skills will help you improve your day-to-day life and make the most of each moment you live. This article will help you become more productive and relaxed and it will teach you how to avoid and get out of the most severe anxiety attacks.

Learn how to breathe

Breathing plays a huge role in anxiety attacks. Learning some smart breathing techniques together will help you cope better with the stress you feel during these occurrences. The belly-breathing technique seems to work the best. Follow the steps below to learn how to do it.

  • Take a seat and close your eyes. Calmly take a breath in and a breath out. Focus on breathing through your nostrils, but as naturally as you can. Don’t force the process.
  • Focus on how air enters and leaves your nostrils. Now, place your hands on your chest and abdomen. Now do what is called the 4-3-4 technique. As you breathe in, count to four. Hold your breath for three seconds and count to four as you exhale. Repeat.
  • Empty your mind as you do this. Try to focus on your breath exclusively. As different thoughts start to cross your mind, ignore them and focus on your breathing again.
  • Now, repeat until you can forget about the anxiety-inducing thoughts you have. It will help tremendously.

Avoid stimulants

People with anxiety should avoid the vast majority of stimulants out there. From caffeine to energy drinks and drugs, everything is prohibited, in their case. If anxiety has made you rely on different drugs to cope with your feelings, visit a specialised rehab centre. From heroin treatment to marijuana treatments, and prescription medication treatments, these centres can help you ditch addiction and take better care of your mental health, at the same time. You may be surprised, but addiction usually stems from mental hardship. And today, professionals in similar centres focus on curing the mental element before tackling the addiction part.

At the same time, you should try to avoid soda. Although this is not a stimulant per se, it has a lot of sugar, which can worsen your symptoms.

Positive self-talk helps

Being anxious can make you put yourself down. So, learn how to be kind to yourself. Positive self-talk will help you deal easier with it. Instead of focusing on your anxiety, try to think that in spite of your affection, you can use strategies to overcome it. Try to think you are in control of your feelings and not the other way around.

To successfully overcome the struggles that come with anxiety, make sure you are aware at all time there are coping mechanisms that will help you at all times. Besides, to prevent further attacks, you should avoid some of the most common triggers that specialists have found. Learn what those triggers are and adjust your lifestyle.