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Before Smartphones And Computers Kids Had Real Fun


Remember the good old days when kids had real fun? Check out these 10 vintage photos that show what children did for fun before smartphones

Kids today are so hooked to mobile phones that they simply can’t fathom living without one. Some can’t even go through a whole single day without fidgeting on an i-Pad or a cellphone.  

To them, a world without smartphones, and technology as a whole, must seem like a dull, tedious place, stripped of all that is fun and enjoyable.

They are so dependent on gadgets that they’ve never even heard of some of the games that we used to play outside, because that’s where we spent our childhood – outside.

The fun only ended when your mother would start screaming her lungs out that it was time for dinner.

We didn’t need much, right? However, those were simpler times and technology was not that accessible as it is today.

Kids today must be wondering, What did people do for fun in a world where viral videos and cool games were not but a click away?

Check out the gallery bellow and make sure to vote for your favorite photo!  

Girl singing to her dog2. Improvised swings made by children in Manchester in 1946

3. Kids playing ‘Push The Peanut’ on King’s Cross Street London, in 1938

4. Best friends forever

5. Girl dancing for her Teddy Bear, Paris, 1961

6. Kids Dancing On The Streets Of New York, 1940s

7. Circus strongman Paul Remos and his son feeding a giraffe at the London zoo, 1950s

8. Children ‘fishing’ for change during The Great Depression, New York, 1930

9. Kids, dog playing see-saw, Northamptonshire

10. Children having fun with skippy balls, London

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