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Social Media Went Crazy Over “Man Weaves” For Balding Men


It seems that not only women are interested in hair extensions to evolve their hair look. Men are also becoming more and more curious about trying the new hair trend solution for balding men.

Even though it’s perfectly natural for men to go bald as they age; some still have trouble accepting this fact. And while most men don’t have a problem with their receding hairlines, others have a hard time when they look in the mirror and it affects their confidence.

Such is the case of Robert Jenkins who became extremely worried and depressed when he started balding at 21. He says that he was so ashamed of it that he wouldn’t even go to places and events. 

Luckily, Jenkins and his wife accidentally discovered the Instagram profile of Wade the Barber. His videos of fixing “man weave” were already going viral. They checked his profile and decided to pay him a visit since his barber salon, The W Hair Loft, was located in less than 20 minutes’ drive.   

Finally, he decided to get an appointment and got his “man weave”.

“The results were amazing,” Jenkins says. “I think I was shocked because I hadn’t seen myself with so much hair for so long. I really didn’t know how to take it.” 

At first, Jenkins was worried whether his new-installed hair would look natural and whether his better half would like his new look. But, in Jenkins’ words, she absolutely loved it! This encouraged Jenkins to continue with this process, and he had the “man weave” installed 4 times since then.

 His wife supports him and says she is happy to see him regain his confidence.

“I thought that my hair was just gone forever, that I would never be attractive … This was extremely life changing for me, says Jenkins.

And if you are wondering how much does this process costs – the prices vary from $275 to $800. 

Wade Menendez is the barber behind this “man weave” technique. He has been doing it for 2 years now. At first, he was spending about $1,500 a month on man weaves installing them on just a few clients on a weekly basis.

Now, he spends from $16,000 to $18,000 a month because the number of his clients has drastically increased.

Wade says that at one point he has made $130,000 in just 3 months when he had clients coming from everywhere. He adds that his work is so crazy right now that he spends all his Tuesdays and almost every night in implanting “man weaves”. 

This technique is fairly new, so he even started teaching classes on how this technique is performed.

The duration of the procedure varies from 90 minutes to 2 hours. He does it by attaching a full hair unit with an adhesive and then he styles it.

Additionally, he started to install beards to men who couldn’t grow it the way they would like their beard to be. This procedure will cost you $700. 

On the other hand, Wade has also started helping those in need. He offered his services to cancer support groups and other organizations which may benefit from this. He says that he wants to live a blessed life and help the less fortunate.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you try a “man weave”? Or, if you are a woman, would you like your (balding) man to try it?