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Some Tips for Parents to Have an Effective Conversation with their Kids about School 


No one can deny the importance of communication between a child and a parent. Though, the older your schoolchildren are, the tougher your conversation might be. Thus “fine” or “good” might be the only answers you are “awarded” because older children start to pull away from parents to become more independent and private sometime after their first grade. But don’t give up and keep listening to them, make yourselves available any time, and ask the right questions. 

Here are some tips for the parents who are eager to be engaged in their children’s lives and Communicating with Kids about School, classes, and home assignments.

This is not about any control on the part of the parents, but only about their confidence that everything is in order with the child in both academics and social life while they are at school.

Don’t ask general questions that can only be answered “yes” or “no”. Try to ask open-ended questions which require a full detailed answer.

Talk about favorite topics and subjects your kids like. Listen to your children talking to their friends and classmates. Find out what they are interested in and ask about related topics that might be covered in school. For instance, if your kids like to read, talk about literature, if they are fond of butterflies and bugs, try to speak about science.

Be patient and wise in the face of irony. Avoid your quick reactions to sarcastic comments and teens’ bullying, such as rolling their eyes. Try to keep conversation and interaction positive and stay friendly.

Make yourself available and approachable for the kids to talk to you any time they wish to share information about their day. 

Try to listen to the kids without any judgment. They more often need your attention and an opportunity to speak out than to hear your opinion. As an adult, it’s very tempting to arrange or fix everything up immediately but, please, let them take their time and trust you.

Mind that the questions you ask your kids are positive and make them smile. For example, “What was the best thing that happened today?” or “What made you laugh today?” These questions show that you care about your child’s social life, interactions with peers, and teachers, and happiness.

“What was the hardest thing you had to do today?” This question can help your young learner tell you about his troubles if there are any in both academics and with friends. 

Ask your kids about their favorite books, films, computer or sports games. It will prompt kids to talk about school classes they enjoy or their interests. 

Always offer your help in a friendly way. Be ready that the most common response of your teens will be “no”, but if you show your encouragement and friendliness there is a chance your young learners will not refuse your assistance.

An effective conversation about the school can be very challenging for parents, and we hope these tips will be helpful. You are also welcome to join Best Parenting Website from Kids Academy parents web community where you can share your experiences, if you have any, as well as communicate with other parents of schoolchildren.