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Sometimes Fate Sends An Ex Back Into Your Life To See If You’ve Learned Your Lesson

Sometimes Fate Sends An Ex Back Into Your Life To See If You’ve Learned Your Lesson

After parting ways with the person you have been in a serious relationship with, chances are that they may try to enter your life again. And when they do, that is either since they’ve realized how much you meant to them and they miss you now, or just because they’ve lied to you and played with your feelings for all of these years and they want to continue doing that.

If you’re still emotionally attached to them, you might easily give in to your emotions and let them back into your life. Of course, you’ll have hundreds of questions hovering over your head: Does he/she deserve a second chance? Does he/she still have feelings for me? Has he/she changed?

You’re the only one who can find the answer to these questions and decide whether you truly want to let them back into your life. But, if you do decide to get back together with them, here are a few things you should keep in mind:


Perhaps you could no longer tolerate their lies, mind games, and manipulation. Perhaps you could no longer put up with their toxicity. Or, perhaps you two just grew apart.

Whatever the reason may be, you two didn’t decide to break up overnight. It was the way they treated you and the emotional pain they put you through which compelled you to make this decision. That’s the reason why you must never forget why you two ended your relationship.


Every healthy, strong, and happy relationship is based on mutual trust. Once the person you love breaks your trust, you become suspicious of everything they say and do. You become suspicious of their promises, their excuses, their compliments. You become suspicious of every word they say and every move they make.

Having absolute trust in the person you’re in love with is a prerequisite for having a strong, meaningful, long-lasting relationship. So, if you can’t trust your ex wholeheartedly, you shouldn’t let them back into your life.


When you enter a relationship with someone and as time passes, you begin to imagine your future with them. You enjoy thinking that they are your forever person. Your soulmate. The love of your life.

But, as time passes, all of this changes when you realize that they’re simply unable to commit to you, which leads you to break up with them. Since let’s face it – you can’t spend your life with someone that is constantly stringing you along and messing with your emotions.

So, unless your ex-partner’s actions show that they’re really okay with committing to you, you shouldn’t let them back into your life.


People that are manipulative, fickle, selfish, and dishonest don’t want to change – they simply like themselves the way they are. 

So, if your ex fits this description, know that it’ll be impossible to change them. You can think as much as you want that your love for them or your commitment to them will change them, but this is impossible. Because nothing you do can change their nature.