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Sometimes Life Makes Us Feel Lost, Alone And Confused But That’s Okay. It’s All A Part of The Journey


Sometimes life makes you doubt everything. Everything is well and you feel fine and then you suddenly fall off the track and lose balance. The next thing you know, you are in complete darkness.  You don’t feel sure about anything anymore. You start to doubt every person around you, every relationship in your life and every situation that you experience. Nothing feels the same anymore.

Sometimes it makes you feel like the loneliest person in the world. It forces you to convince yourself that no one truly cares for you. It puts you into a bad place. A place where self-doubt and self-hate flourish. You stop believing in what others say. You stop believing in yourself. You isolate yourself from the whole world and you soak in your own misery. The world has made you feel like you are not enough.

Sometimes it makes feel overwhelmed for nothing. You feel like crying and staying in bed. You cannot imagine yourself allowing the sun to kiss your skin because it would probably burn you. The only thing you need is your own comfort and your own embrace. But it doesn’t feel comforting enough, because your emotions are much more intense than ever.

Sometimes it makes you give up on everything and leave for good. Something shifts in your mind and you no longer feel okay with what you have. People are jealous of you for having it all, but only you know how ‘having it all’ feels inside your heart. You don’t have it al. You are far from having it all. That is why you feel like giving up and getting lost.

Sometimes it makes you question your mission, your journey here on Earth. There are days when you are confident about where you are headed, and then there are days when you feel completely lost. You start to doubt your actions, question your purpose here on earth, fear for your life, worry that you don’t have time and you completely lose your mind. You don’t think that you have what it takes to make it. Your insecurities inside of you whisper make you feel like one big loser.

Sometimes it forces you to focus your mind on dark thoughts. Sometimes life sabotages you. Your mind starts to make up certain scenarios that make your skin crawl. You feel like you lost control. You start to push people away. And you lock yourself inside your comfort box. Only now it is not as warm as it used to be. It is dark and cold.

Sometimes life does this to you and more. Sometimes it punishes you and sometimes it awards you. But each time, it teaches you a valuable lesson.

Because all of those ups and downs, failures and successes, are a part of the journey. Sometimes you lose hope that there is an end to all of this, but luckily life is always here to remind that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Even though you cannot see it right now. Even though you don’t want to see it right now.

Sometimes Life Makes Us Feel Lost, Alone And Confused But That\'s Okay. It\'s All A Part of The Journey