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Sometimes The Ones Who Are Always There For Others Need Someone There For Them As Well

someone who is always there for you

Helping, compassion, kindness – those are all traits of unique, rare and incredible human beings. Empathy is a true blessing.

But, when you are the one who is always there for other people – you feel a lot. And those feelings are often intensified.

You feel people’s sorrows, their deepest fears, their insecurities, their traumas, their happiness, their love, their joy. Everything they carry inside their hearts. You have an ocean for a heart and you keep letting others drown their sorrows inside your depths.

And you do that because you care. You go out of your way to lend a helping hand, to be their shoulder for crying, to simply alleviate their pain.

But, you know that no matter how bulletproofs your soul may seem, deep inside of you, you ache. Behind that solid, indestructible exterior lies a fragile human being who constantly wonders if there will ever come a time when someone bothers to ask, “Are you fine?”

Deep inside of you, there’s a hope that one day you’ll find that person, that special someone who will let you find shelter inside their heart and take care of your troubled soul.

But, most of the times, that doesn’t happen. And when life disappoints you and robs you of your last remaining bit of hope, you accept it. Your soul hurts even more, but you find a way to cope with it. You find that strength within you and you heal yourself. You do everything in your power to pick up those broken pieces, put them back together and get on your feet. You convince yourself that you are stronger than you actually believe, and you don’t need anyone to hold your hand.

But, you’re wrong. Deep inside you crave the love. You need the support. Your heart burns with desire to feel someone’s hand on your cheek. You are desperate for help.

Because you are no different from the rest of the people. You like to believe that you don’t need anyone to pick you up and show you the right direction, but the truth is – Sometimes even the strongest people among us need guidance. Sometimes the ones who are always there for us need someone there for them as well.

I know that your heart is big, and your only wish is to make everyone happy. I know that you’re an amazing human being gifted with the most powerful ability to guide, inspire and help people. But, you cannot allow yourself to burnout for the sake of others.

You have to remind yourself that you have a heart that needs to love and feel loved in order to function. You need to remind yourself that you just like everyone else around you, need rest. You need to slow down, breathe in and pace yourself.

You have to understand that you’re not expected to carry the weight of the world on your own shoulders. The world is not yours to save. You cannot fix everything, and you simply cannot help every living being out there. You have to accept that, no matter how disanointing it sounds.

Remind yourself that you’re worthy of love and respect just like everyone else. Remind yourself that it is okay to ask for help and it is okay to let it all out. But, most importantly, remind yourself that it is okay to be vulnerable.

You are a human being after all.

The only person who can help you is yourself.

If you don’t bother to do it, nobody will.