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Special Gifts That Make Up for Forgetting Your Anniversary


Anniversaries are important milestones in every relationship and need a special kind of celebration. It is a day where most couples look back on the highlights and sweet memories of the past year as they prepare to face another one together.

Admit it, women find this one of the most cherished celebrations where weeks and months of planning come into play just to make the occasion memorable. Typically, the first two anniversaries are celebrated with pomp and extravagance and lots of tear-jerking surprises.

But realistically, after the fifth or tenth year with more responsibilities and kids in the picture, this celebration starts to lose its charm to an extent where it just becomes another ordinary day.  One partner (shudder) forgets about it altogether. But it happens and most of the time it is purely unintentional. It is also a fact that it is usually men who are guilty of forgetting this special day.

So, it’s D-Day and here you are with no gift in hand, dread in your heart, and facing the wrath of a disappointed wife.

But fear not, all is not lost… yet! With a little effort, you can put together some special gifts to make up for that momentary lapse of anniversary amnesia.

Here are some ways that can help bridge the rift caused by your forgetfulness:

A Sincere and Honest Apology

This is not even a gift but a prerequisite before you get her some gifts. This is non-negotiable but it is listed here, and the first on the list because you are to pair your apology with any of the other gifts recommended below.

Apologies are uncomfortable and difficult especially if your honest to goodness reason is “I just forgot about it.” It was just another stressful day for you, packed with meetings, deadlines, commitments, and responsibilities. 

When you get home, an expectant face turns disappointed and then an angry woman greets you. You simply don’t get it and would rather let the mood swings pass, not being fully aware that you are the problem. But remember, women, put a lot of stock in the little things that matter much.

But in case you do remember, don’t let your ego downplay the missed anniversary. So, when delivering your apology, do it from the heart. Don’t say sorry if you don’t mean it. Women are great at picking up the vibes. You have to understand that the actual apology is not the solution but is the opening to the reconciliation and solution.

Plan an All-Out and All-Day Meal

Think about serving meals yourself and doing the whole nine yards. Start the next day with breakfast in bed, lunch alfresco style, and a romantic dinner. The gift here is not actually the meals or the food but it is the gift of time at least to celebrate post-anniversary. Moving around your schedule and even canceling some items on your to-do list just to spend the whole day together is one great way to make it up to your beloved.

Ink the Date

This might be a little extreme but this can speak volumes of how you feel towards your better half. Getting your anniversary date inked on your wrist, arm, or wherever you want it will also serve as a reminder of the occasion. There’ll be no reason at all for you to ever forget this special day since it is marked on your body.

Say it with Sparkles

This is a classic form of apology and makeup gift and it usually works based on the carats. Nothing is more apologetic than diamonds because by default, humans are attracted to shiny and valuable things. You could also get personalized wedding jewelry, making the sparkles even more meaningful. Do not make it worse though by sending a friend or your assistant to pick up the sparkles. Make the effort to go to the jewelers and pick one up yourself.

Shopping with Visa Gift Cards

Another generous idea is to create a bouquet of Visa gift cards. Yes, it is going to be a shopping spree but it is just proper to pamper and spoil your spouse rotten at your expense every once in a while, or however often you like. Beyond the excitement this will induce, there is an element of thoughtfulness, a connection to the heart, when you buy from a company that allows the placement of custom photos on the card, like GiftcardGranny.com. You can showcase your first date, a sentimental object or travel spot, something that is unique to you and your love.

Weekend Getaway

Go for a weekend adventure together. It doesn’t have to be a luxurious trip as long as you both would enjoy it. It can be getting stoked aboard a yacht or going camping together. Spending quality time alone with your significant other is probably the best gift since time is at a premium these days.  And since this is also a treat for you too, it’s a win-win all the way.

Based on these suggestions, you will realize that special makeup gifts for forgotten anniversaries come with special price tags. So, if you’ve learned your lesson well, you’ll find ways to remember milestones like this. But as someone said- “marriage is the bond between a person who never remembers anniversaries and another who never forgets them.” So, here’s to more anniversaries, forgotten or not.