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Start Your Fitness Journey Successfully With These Quick Workouts for Absolute Beginners


Beginning the journey towards your fitness goals is certainly not an easy process. Far too many people get started on the wrong foot. Before they know it, they have developed bad workout habits and are just struggling with every exercise.

Are you a beginner?

A beginner is anyone who has not been following a professionally designed weight training routine CONSISTENTLY for the last six months. If you are one, this article will help you to understand how high-intensity interval training can help you to start off on the right track and succeed in your fitness goals.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

HIIT improves your fitness level, stamina, endurance and cardiovascular health. It is a quick way to burn more fat and calories.

HIIT works because it raises your respiratory and heart rates and causes bursts of energy. Since the body takes longer to recover from these energy bursts, it burns more calories. Another advantage of HIIT is that it minimizes muscle loss and this makes it a better way of weight loss than cardio exercises alone. HIIT workouts for beginners include:

i). walking workouts: Starting with what you know is a perfect way to make your first steps into fitness positive.

You can walk off those pounds as you try to get into a regular habit of exercising. There are many walking workout options to fit your needs. A 10-minute walking routine is best for busy days and during times of unfavorable weather. For more results, you can do 20 minutes or more of high-intensity walking on three nonconsecutive days per week. Walking workouts can greatly help to lose belly fat and get slimmer faster.

ii). Metabolic conditioning: This HIIT helps you to maximize your caloric burn by performing full-body, multi-joint movements.

The best metabolic conditioning exercises for beginners include: push-ups, squats, butt kicks, and tricep dips.

Push-ups for beginners: There’s a good reason to do push-ups regularly. During a push-up, every muscle gets touched. Your arms, the triceps specifically, assist the elbows to bend and provide stability for your trunk. Your core tightens to hold your body rigid. Legs and buttocks fire up to prevent the hips from sagging too low or hiking too high. Your shoulders, back and chest also get worked out in the process. For more tips on how to exercise your back, fitnessgoals.com has the best back workouts for women.

Squats: There are many fun ways to do squats and enjoy working out your butt and legs as well as strengthening your hip and knee joints. Check out squats options such as the low side step, squats with up and down whines, plié squat jumps, sumo squat jump with turn, jump squat with heel click, plié squat pulses, grand plié with hip whine, squat with right and left/forward and back hip isolation, parallel first and parallel second, and clock squat jump.

Butt kicks for stronger lower body: Butt kicks are cardio exercises that strengthen the hamstrings. It is an excellent addition to your strength-training routine.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and pointed straight ahead. Contract your glutes, and then jump up as you bring your heels to your glutes. Land back softly and repeat.

Tricep dips for stronger arms and a healthier back: Dips are an excellent compound bodyweight exercise that easily makes your triceps crazy strong. Two variations of tricep dips are great for beginners: Bench dip with knees bent and bench dip with legs straight.

With the right information, you can successfully develop a training habit and attain the weight and shape you want. Remember, to succeed in the gym and avoid injuries, do exercises the right way, learn and practice the right posture for every workout, remain consistent in your training and eat the right foods to support your transformation.