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Stay Alone Until You Find Someone Who Makes Love Feel Effortless


One day you’ll meet someone who will change the way you look at love. Someone who will teach you what true, honest, deep, once-in-a-lifetime kind of love really feels like. Someone who will make love feel effortless.

The love that you’ll feel for them will feel easy because you both will be willing to work together to make your relationship succeed. You both will be willing to keep the passion between you always alive.

With this person, you’ll never have to feel like you’re sacrificing your own happiness, needs, and wishes for them because both of you will be equal partners and ensure that you’re both feeling supported and comfortable. Because both of you will equally contribute to your relationship. Because everything you two will do for each other will come directly from your hearts.

The love that you’ll feel for this person will make your life feel easier, happier, and more fulfilled. It’ll make you feel like the world has suddenly become a better place. It’ll make you feel safe and protected.

Being with this person, you’ll never have to wonder where you stand with them. You’ll never have to question their feelings for and intentions with you. Instead, you’ll always know how much they love and appreciate you because they’ll proudly wear their heart on their sleeve. You’ll always know how much you mean to them because they’ll prove that through their actions every day.

You’ll never have to beg for their attention and love since they’ll give you all that and more. They’ll treat you with kindness, compassion, dignity, and affection because they’ll know what they have. They’ll be aware of your worth. Your qualities. Your individuality. Your craziness. Your uniqueness.

Being with this person, you’ll never have to feel neglected or ignored because they’ll stay by your side on both your good and bad days. They’ll be there to celebrate with you your successes and motivate you to pursue higher goals and wilder dreams. They’ll be there, too, to comfort you and lift you up when you’re feeling down in the dumps or struggling with problems. They’ll stick with you through thick and thin.

And just like every other couple, you’ll have to face many relationship problems and challenges as well. But instead of arguing with each other and creating drama in the relationship or sweeping your problems under the carpet, both of you will be willing to talk out your relationship problems in a civilized, mature manner and work together to solve them.

Being with this person won’t be difficult or painful at all. Yet, this person will teach you that genuine, profound love requires hard work. They’ll teach you that this kind of love requires patience, mutual understanding, trust, and respect. That it requires commitment.

This person will teach you that when two people love each other wholeheartedly and unconditionally, they’re together in everything, no matter how hard times get for them or how many obstacles they have to overcome. They’ll teach you that true love can truly conquer anything.

Therefore, stay alone until you find someone who will make love feel effortless. Someone who will love and appreciate you for who you are. Someone who won’t make you feel ashamed of your insecurities and fears. Someone who will inspire you to work on yourself and grow in every aspect of life. Someone whose love for you will feel profound. Fulfilling. Empowering. Effortless.

Someone who will feel privileged for having you in their life.