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Stay Single Until You Meet A Guy Like THIS


I always say that it’s better to stay single than to be with someone just for the sake of not being alone. But really, I don’t want to spend my time and energy on a person who doesn’t respect me and doesn’t appreciate me. I don’t want a guy who cares more about his favorite basketball team than me. No, thanks. I prefer being single.

I’ve had relationships with guys who haven’t respected me. Some of them didn’t care if I was home on time or not. Some of them didn’t care about my ambitions and blamed me for their failures. It was enough.

That’s why I say: STAY SINGLE until you meet a good guy that deserves you.

The guy that deserves you should be your biggest support and should help you achieve everything you want. They should not close the doors that are opening to you.

You will find a guy who deserves you.

This guy will not find excuses not to be with you. He will count the hours to see you and he will want to see you again.

This guy will take care of you and you will see it in the details. He will make sure you are safe everywhere you go.

The guy who really deserves you will not be ashamed to kiss you in front of everyone. He will hold your hand and make your wishes come true.

This guy will want you to meet his friends and he will want them to know you. Same goes for the parents. He will show you to his parents with pride and respect.

This guy will be ready to drop everything just to be with you. He will want to be with you and to see you happy.

This guy knows how important your job is to you and he will not bother you when he knows you need some time alone.

You will not be afraid to introduce this guy to your parents.

You deserve a guy who will love you as you are. Who won’t try to change you, but will accept your flaws instead.

You deserve a guy who answers back when you reach him. You don’t need someone who waits to text back.

You deserve a mature guy who doesn’t want scams and hidden things. A guy who is honest with you and trusts you completely.

You want someone who enjoys to cuddle with you because he feels you close to him that way. Someone who will kiss you every day.

The guy you deserve always keeps his word and comes wherever you need him.

The guy you deserve is aware that he makes mistakes, but he also apologizes and admits he was wrong.

The guy you deserve surprises you with flowers or your favorite cookies after a rough day.

A guy who will remember that you have a stressful meeting and will send you a text to wish you good luck beforehand.

Every girl deserves a guy who will encourage her to be the best version of herself. A guy who will inspire her to achieve great things and will push her to become better every day.

Every girl deserves a guy who knows how capable his girl is.

We all need someone to believe in us.

Someone who will not be ashamed to say “I love you” first and repeat it every day.

Someone who is afraid of losing you and wants to be with you forever. Someone who still flirts with you and makes you fall in love with him again and again.

Someone who makes you feel special. Someone who makes you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world just because you’re beside them.

That’s why it’s better to be single until you meet someone who is making your life better than you ever imagined.

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