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Staying healthy with cannabis, without the negative side-effects


The title of this article might mislead you. Cannabis normally has quite a negative connotation to it, although it does deliver health benefits. It can help people who are terminally ill to feel better, as well as combat restlessness among many people. There is only one thing that prevents people from adopting cannabis: psychoactive workings. This is undesirable for many and is caused by the working substance THC. Cibdol cannabis oil makes it possible to achieve health benefits without psychoactive side effects. 

What is Cibdol cannabis oil?

The oil that can be retrieved from the cannabis plant is known as CBD. This is possible through two types of extraction methods.

Chemical extraction

The most straightforward way to retrieve CBD from cannabis is through chemical extraction. Chemicals are added and help to filter the CBD into an oily product. Although this process is effective and fast, it does come with a side note. The oil also contains very small quantities of chemicals, which reduces the quality of the oil. Therefore, the oils that use this process are generally cheaper and of lower quality.

CO2 extraction

CBD can also be extracted using CO2. This is an advanced method that is also being used by Cibdol cannabis oil. By using CO2, there are no negative byproducts present in the oil and it can be consumed as a completely pure product.

How can it help you?

There are many use cases for the use of Cibdol cannabis oil. This depends completely on your own situation. For example, do you have difficulty with falling asleep at night? CBD oil might be something for you. Are you always thinking and cannot have a moment’s rest? This would also be a good use case. You need to take into account the amount of CBD present to determine the applicability to your situation. If you cope with falling asleep, you do not necessarily need a strong CBD product.

How can you consume CBD?

There are multiple ways that allow you to consume CBD. One of the well-known methods is the use in food products. For example, you can add it to your salad or in your drink. However, this also makes it harder to dose your consumption. If you want to make sure that you consume the same amount with every meal, it could be beneficial to dose it. For example, making a potato in the oven with always the same amount. Another way is to add it into a cupcake you can eat. Increasingly, people are also turning to CBD capsules from cibdol.com. These make it possible to consume the exact same quantity every time.

Hemp seed oil as another supplement

Another product that offers other health benefits is retrieved from seeds. It uses the same family of plants but instead of the leaves and flowers, the seeds are pressed and oil is retrieved. This type of oil is consumed for other types of health benefits.