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Staying In A Toxic Relationship Can Lead To Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

For most of us, romantic relationships are what provide a source of happiness and deep fulfillment. But, the truth is that not all romantic relationships bring joy and fulfillment into our lives. Not all relationships make our lives easier and more exciting. Not all relationships bring out the best in us.

Sometimes we end up with someone that is selfish, inconsiderate, and manipulative. Someone that shows little or no regard for our feelings and needs. Someone that’s not genuinely interested in us, and the only thing they’re interested in is controlling us and taking advantage of us for their personal gain.  Someone that emotionally abuses us and gradually sucks the energy and happiness out of us.

Sadly, many of us fail to identify the warning signs that show we are in a toxic, emotionally abusive relationship when they start appearing. We usually recognize them after our self-esteem has been completely damaged and our hearts broken.

So, why is this so?

Well, the reason is, in fact, quite simple: An emotionally abusive person never shows their true colors at the beginning of the relationship. Instead, they wear masks. They hide their true character and intentions behind the sweet words, compliments, and kind gestures of love they shower you with.

To make you fall in love with them, they first shower you with attention and affection. Then they act like they’re the kindest and most patient and compassionate person you’ve ever met. Next, they do everything in their power to gain your trust and convince you that they’re the right person for you.

And once you begin placing your faith in them and sharing with them your insecurities and fears, the horror begins. They start playing sick mind games with you. They replace the attention and love they showered you with at the beginning of the relationship with manipulation tactics, such as gaslighting, stonewalling, and guilt-tripping.

In no time, they manage to make you doubt your own perceptions and logic. They make you lose track of yourself.

And when you try to complain to them about something bad they said or did to you, it’s all in vain because they are always ready to start bombarding you with all kinds of excuses. They deny telling you harsh words and hurting your feelings. They act as if they don’t know why you’re accusing them of hurting you or betraying your trust because, in their view, they did nothing wrong.

To avoid taking responsibility for their own mistakes, they have no problem laying the blame at your door for their own crappy behavior. They have no problem accusing you of making things up and exaggerating.

And the sad truth is that the longer you stay in the relationship, the more stressed out and anxious you begin to feel. You begin doubting your qualities and strength. You begin doubting your worth.

And the main problem with this is that by the time you realize that you’re in a relationship with an emotionally abusive person, you’ll have fallen so deeply in love with them and lost your self-esteem that it’ll be very hard for you to leave them. 

You’ll feel like your voice is too soft to oppose them when they criticize you and blame you. You’ll feel like you can’t walk out the door and leave them and everything they put you through behind you. You’ll think that if you leave them and continue your life without them, you’ll be nothing.

And if you gather the strength to leave them, you’ll enter a new battle – the battle in which you’ll have to fight with all you’ve got to learn to control and deal with the stress, anxiety, and depression that emotionally abusive relationships unavoidably cause.

But, what you need to remember is that you’re not alone. You don’t have to fight this battle on your own. Whenever you feel like giving up, remind yourself that you have people in your life who truly love and care about you. Remind yourself that you have your family and friends to rely on and ask for their help and support.

Remember that you deserve to be happy and that an emotionally abusive person doesn’t have the power to take your happiness, strength, and worth away.

Staying In A Toxic Relationship Can Lead To Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder