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Staying With Your Child: 5 Common Child Custody Questions Parents Ask


Nothing is more important than your child, so read up on the basics of custody law with these common child custody questions and answers.

Child custody battles can be some of the most painful and intense processes you ever go through. 

If you and the other parent aren’t on the same page, it is vital that you put together a child custody legal case. 

You’ll need to learn exactly which child custody questions to ask. Read below to find out which questions are the most pressing. 

The Main Child Custody Questions You Need to Ask

These cases are detailed and can stretch on for a number of hearings. In order to get your bearings and start putting a great case together, you’ll need to be ready to find answers to the following questions:

  1. How is Custody Decided?

Each state has different laws, so there are always different parameters to satisfy and obligations to keep in mind. 

The best thing you can do is read up on how your state addresses child custody, and also find out exactly which judge is handling your case. Once you know the criteria, you can begin putting together a solid claim based on the custody arrangement you deem best. 

  1. What are the Different Types of Custody Arrangements?

In familiarizing yourself with child custody law, be sure that you learn all about the different types of custody arrangements. 

Some of the main custody types include legal custody, sole custody, joint custody, and grandparent custody. Each form of custody has its own matters that need to be hashed out, which is why it is always important to remain aware of your legal rights and obligations. 

There are also several reasons that an arrangement might need to be updated. 

For instance, a child custody relocation hearing becomes necessary when one parent intends to move and wants to bring their child with them. Each of these proposed changes is addressed on a case by case basis. 

  1. Is This Proposed or Current Arrangement Reasonable?

The last thing you want to do is use the courts in a combative manner. Judges see right through it, and doing this is both costly and counterproductive. 

Keep in mind that you might have to make several compromises during this process. Even though you may not get along with the other parent, always ask yourself if they are being reasonable. 

If everything either proposed or included in the current arrangement sounds reasonable, you may have to compromise on certain matters to keep the peace. With that said, understand your deal-breakers and stick to them. 

  1. What is in the Best Interest of the Child?

It’s also vital that you keep the best interests of the child at the forefront. By doing what is in their best interest, you are putting them on a track for success. 

For instance, your child might have just gotten into a great preschool in the city where one of the parents lives. These sorts of issues should rank highly when considering the custody arrangement that you decide on. 

  1. How is Visitation Handled?

Aside from custody, you will also need to put together agreements related to visitation. Choose visitation schedules that are easy for all parties, while still allowing some room for flexibility. 

Above all, make sure that you stick to it so that you can honor the arrangement and stay out of family court. 

Handle Your Child Custody Situation Diligently

These are the child custody questions you need to have on your mind if this is a situation you are going through. Coming up with these arrangements can be difficult, but it’s absolutely necessary to do what’s best for the child. 

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