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Steps You Need To Take In Order To Achieve True Wellness


The trick to achieving true wellness comes with dedicated work and small baby steps. The saying is overused, but it still rings true, treat your body like a temple. Make sure you’re prepared both mentally and physically to take this challenge on, because guaranteed you will be eternally grateful for this journey. True wellness doesn’t just come from taking a bunch of vitamins and working out once a week, it comes with hard work.

Follow these steps in order to start your journey to achieve true wellness.

1.Make mindful food choices

Whether it’s ordering at a restaurant or buying from the supermarket, you need to make informed decisions on what is going to make you feel less sluggish and more energetic. Obviously, the clearest option here is to ban junk and processed food from your culinary palate. Start by eating more leafy greens (kale, spinach etc.). Packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre, they’re the superfood you’ve all been searching for. Our nutritional choices are the leading factors in our health.

2. Focus on an interest or hobby

This step is one way to improve your mental health. Focusing on something that you enjoy and can work on alone is beneficial for your wellbeing. Rediscovering an old passion or bringing back that hobby from years ago will help you reconnect to your old self and bring a more positive light to your life. Or even introduce something new just for yourself, like painting or reading, that gives you time to take yourself out and relax while still being mentally active. In other words, get off Netflix, that true crime documentary will still be there tomorrow.

3. Study up on holistic medicine

Endeavour College of Natural Health is one of the best in Australia in terms of learning the fundamentals of wellness through natural and holistic medicine. With multiple courses at your disposal, good luck choosing your top one. Naturopathy allows you to become an expert in whole health and wellbeing. Understanding how natural medicine works is the key to providing patients with a thriving lifestyle. Learn the basics of Chinese Medicine through acupuncture, with specific pin points on the body that help regulate the flow of Qi (vital energy). Which, in turn, balances the mind, body and spirit. Be ahead of the curve because there is a high demand for these health practitioners.

4. Set out some time for meditation or yoga

If you can leave at least 30 minutes of your busy, stress-filled day aside for a small session of yoga, then get a mat and start namaste-ing. Practicing yoga each morning can help improve your balance, flexibility and strength, while meditation can alleviate some symptoms of anxiety and stress, while also improving on your immune system. You need to train yourself to focus and redirect your thoughts, as it will allow you to retain mental clarity to stay on the ball for the rest of the day. Keep this up each morning, along with higher intensity exercises regularly throughout the week to release those endorphins.