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Stop Asking Yourself Questions That Keep Getting You Stuck Instead of Providing A Way Forward


 Have you noticed that every time we go through a certain emotional struggle in our life, the first thing that we usually ask ourselves is WHY?

The truth is, we can’t really help it. It is an instinct, something that comes naturally and forces us to question our choices. It is something we ask ourselves when life feels difficult hoping that we would find comfort in our answers.  

We ask ourselves WHY because we think it would help us find our way out.

But it never does. It never gets us anywhere. It only makes us run around in circles.

It gets us stuck in a place without giving us a sign about our next step. It leaves us clueless and even more frustrated. That is why these why questions are the worst thing you could ever ask yourself. They don’t provide us with a real answer. The only answer to why is because.

If we want to find answers and help ourselves understand the struggle that we are going through, we must ask ourselves WHAT and HOW. These two words are more powerful than you think. Because when you put a question mark next to them, they become a solution.

You will be surprised when you realize that answering the questions WHAT and HOW can actually help you solve all of your problems.

First of all, ask yourself WHAT you are thinking and feeling.

Take some time to decipher your emotions and identify your feelings. The idea is to encourage yourself to understand your soul better. To get to know yourself. To really experience everything that is going on inside of you.

Question your emotions. Ask yourself how you are feeling. Do that every day and start writing down your answers. Everything you feel is a part of you.  If you feel sadness, accept it. If you feel anger, acknowledge it. With every emotion you embrace it will be easier for you to move and continue your journey.

Second of all, ask yourself HOW you can get the things that you want.

After you spend some quality time analyzing your struggles, take some time to really consider what you have to do to keep moving on. You may have to change the direction. Or accept some brutal truths along the way. You may even have to sacrifice some part of your life to get where you want to get. Don’t be afraid. In fact, I advise you to do all of this without hesitation.

Because making changes and accepting challenges will help you grow. If you spend a lot of time asking yourself the WHAT questions, you will have enough information to realize what your next step is. And with the help of your HOW answers, you will get where you were headed in no time.

So, stop asking yourself WHY questions that keep getting you stuck. Stop wasting your time. Instead, do your best to provide yourself a way forward.

Stop Asking Yourself Questions That Keep Getting You Stuck Instead of Providing A Way Forward