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Stop Trying To Be Nice To Everyone And Just Be Yourself


Be nice. Be polite. Be respectful. Smile. Be careful not to offend others with your opinions.

In other words, keep it to yourself and make sure you don’t piss someone off with your attitude.

Ever since we were kids, our children always taught us that we should always be nice to others, no matter what. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been raised by people who always turned the other cheek. I guess that is a value that some of the old generations followed passionately.

But, back to my story. I was raised with the idea that being nice to everyone is something I must always do. So, I did. People were always people, but I was nice and respectful. I learned that I must be patient and tolerant of others. And so, I was. People were mean, inconsiderate and rude, and I, the nice one, always found a way to justify their actions. I learned to control my temper, stay calm and behave.

Until one day, every emotion, every feeling, every injustice that people brought to me, burst out of me…

I remember that day like it was yesterday. Every person in my life knew that I am a softy. In fact, they called me that way. Some of them even called me a coward, a sissy. But politeness could do nothing at that moment. That was the day when I finally realized that being nice has nothing to do with being kind.

So, I opened my mouth and started speaking my mind.

People were shocked by this new person, including my parents. They weren’t used to seeing me stand up for myself. But I couldn’t care less. From that moment on I decided that I will never ever shut my mouth or turn the other cheek. I promised myself that I will always speak my mind and tell the truth, no matter how offensive, brutal or strange it may sound.

And so should YOU!

Stop trying to be something you are not in order to get people to like you. You don’t have to be nice to everyone. In fact, you cannot be nice to everyone even if you wanted to. There are 7.53 billion people in the world. You cannot get everyone to like you. And you shouldn’t. Just be yourself. Your flawed, imperfect, unapologetic, sometimes rude, honest and bold self. You want to take a day off to yourself instead of going out with friends or use a coursework writing service instead of spending another sleepless night studying? Go ahead and do it.

Yes, people will dislike you for it; yes, they will hate your guts and yes, they will do everything they can do discourage you from staying true to yourself, but the ones that matter will always love you for exactly who you are. Being yourself after a long time of trying to be nice to everyone will help you realize how self-care and self-love actually is.

You will no longer prioritize other people’s needs. You will finally understand that having strong opinions and a tough attitude doesn’t make you an arrogant person. Quite the opposite, it makes you one of the rarest kinds of people in the world. A brave, independent and honest human being who sticks to their guns and follows their path in life.

So, stop trying to be something you are not. You don’t have to be nice to everyone. Just be who you are. I guarantee you; People will appreciate you for it.

Stop Trying To Be Nice To Everyone And Just Be Yourself