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Stop Wasting Your Love On Those Who Aren’t Ready To Love You


I know you think this is hard. I know you think that it’s impossible to stop loving someone whom you’ve loved and cared about all your life.

But the truth is – yes, this is hard and painful too, but it’s not impossible.

I know that you’re someone who truly cares about your personal relationships. You’re someone who makes sure you’re always there for others. You’re someone who enjoys making your loved ones happy.

And I also know that you always try to please others because you feel good about yourself when you feel accepted and approved by others.

But let me tell you something: It’s exactly this need to please everyone and be there for others no matter what that steals your time, your energy, and your happiness.

Giving your time, attention, and love to someone who never bothers to make time for you is nothing else but a sign of lack of self-respect.

What’s the point in investing all your energy and love in someone who neglects and ignores you? Someone who takes you for granted.

People who treat you these ways only bring sadness and pain into your life. They make you feel lonely and disregarded.

The truth is that you can’t make someone love you, be it a friend, family member, co-worker, or romantic partner. Love always happens naturally. Love can never be forced.

Therefore, stop wasting your love on those who have no time for you. Those who stand high on your list of priorities but never bother to squeeze you into their “busy schedule.”

Stop giving your love to those who only see you as an option. Those who call you or are good to you only when they need something from you. Those who are kind to and loving toward you only when they want to take advantage of you.

Stop wasting your time on those who don’t even deserve a tiny bit of your attention and energy. Those who are indifferent to you and have no interest in your feelings, opinions, needs, and wishes.

Stop having conversations with people who don’t listen to you. People who don’t care about your opinions or about how you’re feeling. People who pretend like they’re listening to you when you’re sharing your problems with them or complaining because they don’t want to lose the only person who always helps and supports them unselfishly.

Stop sacrificing yourself for people who only care about their own feelings, opinions, needs, and problems. People who don’t care about what’s going on in your life or what you’re going through.

Stop sacrificing your happiness and needs for people who would never do the same for you.

The truth is that no matter how good you are to others or how much you love them, not everyone will love you. And that is what makes it so special and valuable when you find the few people with whom you’re able to create a deep, meaningful connection. The people with whom you can have a true friendship or relationship.

But the more you try to make someone love you when they’re simply incapable of doing that, the more you rob yourself of that genuine connection.

There are billions of people in the world, and there’re so many of them who can connect with you on a deep mental, emotional, and spiritual level, keep up with you, and vibrate with you to the same frequency.

But the more you give your time and love to people who use you only as a second option, a punching bag, or a therapist, the more you keep yourself away from the genuine people you crave.

And if you think that you might ruin your relationships, whether romantic or otherwise, if you stop communicating or hanging out with someone, or stop trying to make your relationship with someone work, know that you’re awfully wrong.

Because if any of your relationships fails, that will mean that the only thing that sustained it was the time and effort you and you alone were investing in it.

And that, my friend, is not love. That’s called attachment.

What you need to understand is that the two most precious things you have in your life are your time and your energy. How you spend them and whom you devote them to are what define your existence.

Once you realize this, you’ll start to understand why you feel so anxious, stressed out, frustrated, and drained when you spend your time with people who are wrong for you and who don’t deserve a place in your life.

You’ll realize that the most important and reasonable thing you can do for yourself is to protect and preserve your energy.

And you can do that by allowing into your life only people that truly care about you. People who will prove worthy of your attention, respect, and love. People who bring out the best in you. People who bring happiness and joy into your life and give you a sense of fulfillment.

You need to understand that it’s not your duty to save and fix everyone. It’s not your duty to always be there for others and take care of other people’s needs, wishes, and problems at the expense of your own.

It’s not your duty to give your time and love to others because you want to please them, or because you feel sorry for them, or because you want them to like you.

But it is your duty to realize that you’re the only one who determines the course of your own life and that you accept the love and respect you think you are worthy of.

It’s your duty to realize that you deserve to be surrounded by honest, kind, compassionate, and positive people.

And when you start implementing these things in your life, you’ll see how everything will start to change. Change for the better.