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Strict Moms Raise Successful Children According To Science


What makes a girl grow into a successful woman? Intellect, hard work, self-reliance, responsibility, good life decisions… lots of things really. But how can a mother nurture these qualities into her daughter? Science has an answer.

Are you listening? Have you done your homework? What about tutoring homework? Do the dishes. Why isn’t your laundry put away? Do it now. Did you wash your face? Brush your teeth – floss too! Is your room clean yet? Focus on your future! Are you listening to me? You’re grounded!

Willing to take that sacrifice? If you have already been using a mixture of these questions, rhetorical questions, and statements, keep it up. Nagging may come at the price of a frowned daughter, but the outcome is surprising.

“Behind every successful woman is a nagging mother,” says a study which focused on the lives of 15.500 girls aged 13 and 14 in the course of six years. The finds may come as a surprise to some parents, but nagging mothers will feel relieved to know that they are doing the right job.

The study finds that in the majority of cases, the mother’s expectations from their daughter strike a deep influence on the likelihood of attending higher education and influence the way these children handle critical life decisions.

In other words, high expectations, and constant reminding of what your daughter is capable of doing – and thus should be doing it, result in greater chances of success of your daughter later in life.

The results of the study showed that the mothers who had shown higher expectations and pushed their daughters into living up to them, helped their daughters to learn to make better life choices.

The study also showed that nagging parents contributed to a reduced chance of teenage pregnancy by 4%, compared to parents with ‘middling aspirations’.

As the DailyMail reports, teenage motherhood correlates to a higher likeliness of leaving school early and earning less if these girls get a job. These girls are also more likely to form relationships with ‘poorly educated and unemployment-prone men’.

Are you a nagging mother? Did your mother push you into becoming a better person?

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