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Strong And Fearless Alpha Ladies Have The Worst Dating Lives

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When you see a smart, confident, and attractive woman, the first thing that probably pops into your head is that she has a successful career, wonderful friends, a good financial standing, and an amazing dating life. Well, you are right, except for the last thing.

Believe it or not, strong, confident, and fearless alpha ladies suck at dating. They’re irresistible and easy to fall in love with and yet they have trouble finding “The One.”

Are you wondering why this is so?

Here are 7 reasons why alpha women have the worst dating lives:

1. They appear intimidating

Most men feel intimidated by intelligent and successful women. Women who are independent, capable, and know what they want in life. Women who are able to pursue their goals without depending on anyone’s help.

Men avoid dating such women because they feel emasculated and unable to control them. They’d rather be with a woman they feel they have more power over and who would boost their ego.

2. They have big goals and dreams.

Finding love is not their top priority. These incredible women have clear, big goals and dreams and they work hard to fulfill them. When a determined, motivated, driven woman enters a relationship with someone, it doesn’t mean she’ll give up on her ambitions and drop everything and just be with her partner.

This kind of woman has many goals and dreams to achieve in life and she’ll never sacrifice them for anyone. This woman wants to be with a man who will give her space and time and support her as well to pursue her goals.

3. They call guys out on their bullshit.

These women know their worth and they’ll never allow anyone to disrespect and fool them. If they sense their man is playing games with them, let alone trying to lie to them, they won’t think twice before they call them out on their BS. These smart, independent women are not afraid to stand up for themselves.

With them, it’s always clear – if their guy screws up, he’s out of the game for good. Period.

4. They’re picky because they’re aware of their worth.

These ladies are not desperate to find a man and they’ll never be in a relationship just for the sake of it. They know what qualities they want in a man and they’ll never settle for anyone that is not worthy of their love and attention.

They want a man who is honest, loyal, committed, independent, supportive, and loving. So, if a guy doesn’t match these criteria, I’m sorry, but he doesn’t stand a chance.

5. They say what they mean.

These women are not afraid to speak their mind. If they’re not interested in someone, they’ll tell them. If they’re already in a relationship and their partner did something they don’t approve of, you can bet they won’t keep their mouth shut.

These women don’t beat about the bush or mince words when they disagree with or want to oppose someone. Instead, they’re always straightforward and direct, which is often overwhelming to guys who are not used to this kind of behavior.

6. They are mature.

The more experience they gain, the wiser they get. They are in control over their lives and they make sure they act thoughtfully. They think carefully before they make important decisions, be that in their career or personal life.

They’re determined and have a strong attitude. They know what’s morally right and what’s wrong. They act in accordance with their beliefs and principles and don’t allow anyone to make them act otherwise.

These women don’t base their worth on other people’s opinions of them. They don’t need guys to give them compliments so as to feel important and desirable.

7. They love the hardest.

Maybe it’s not easy for them to fall in love, but once they do, they love the hardest. They give their guy all the love they have to give and fully invest themselves in the relationship. They’re the most loyal and supportive partners. They’re willing to do everything for their man and expect the same in return.

Unfortunately, not many men can handle this intense, deep, raw kind of love.

Strong And Fearless Alpha Ladies Have The Worst Dating Lives