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This Is Why Strong Girls Get Attached So Easily


Have you ever met a guy who got attached after the first kiss from a girl he liked? Do you know any man who got clingy after a phone call of the girl he met at the bookstore?

Biology and genetics have a great impact on how we get attached and how fast we do it. Women get attached very easily and in no time.

If they like you, the other second they might imagine their future with you. They sometimes turn to “obsession” in a relationship.

The influence of oxytocin and vasopressin

Newest 21st century studies reveal great information about romantic relationship that help us understand the somewhat clingy nature of women.

The studies surprised us with a great discovery about orgasms and how these cause oxytocin and vasopressin to be released from the hypothalamus (the part of the brain dealing with pleasure).

This releasing has a much greater influence when it comes to women, and, therefore, the attachment crisis is stronger.

Despite the obvious oxytocin, there are many other biological reasons why women get attached so readily in relationships with men. Their nature is completely opposite of men’s.

What happens in a woman’s brain?

When it comes to biology, it is confirmed that female orgasms last longer than male ones and they are two minutes on average, whereas male ones last for only a few seconds.

Gert Holstege’s 2005 study claims that when females orgasm, astonishing things happen in the female brain. Some of the regions completely shut down.

These include the regions for fear, anxiety, and behavior control. These parts are in the amygdala and hippocampus, where emotion regions are as well.

With this in mind, anxiety and alertness are also decreased. It may sound like a state of being emotionless, but it sure causes women to start being attached to their partners.

Women’s brains receive this energy and that’s how they immediately start even planning a future with the guy they just met.

Women like attention

Women also like to get attention from their partners. It may happen that they get attached from even a simple look, or a smile, or a given flower. They don’t require a lot. Little attention will make them consider you as their future husband.

Women want things fast

Women like when things go fast in relationships. The moment they set their eyes on a guy, they can’t slow down. They are absolutely certain of their feelings and they go and get the guy they like. For most of men, this seems like rushing, but when a girl sets her mind on you, she will go fast.

Women are emotional

Also, women are very emotional creatures. We are not saying that men aren’t, but biology confirms women are on the top list. When hormones reach a certain point in their bodies, they can cry for no reason, and start having extreme feelings about a new relationship. 

The truth is that they really can’t control these hormonal changes that happen every month and make them more emotional than men. That’s why a girl is more likely to stay attached after a relationship break-up even though she knows that guy is not for her.

Women are nurturers

Women received the love and care from their mothers, and it automatically transferred to them. Some women love to take care of people just because of that reason. It is how they were taught. They possess a certain power when it comes to nurturing the people they love. When they meet a new guy, they start doing this from the very first date, kiss, or hug. They get attached unnoticeably.

Women are dreamers

In all areas of women’s lives, they dream a little bit every single day. They dream about their health, they dream about their eating habits, and they dream about their relationships.

Every girl’s dream is different. Some dream of getting married to the perfect one, some dream of having a child, but most of them dream of getting the best for them.

If they enter a new relationship, it is because they think they are going to fulfill this dream. Something in that person made them feel like that’s the dream they need to live. As a result, they cling strongly to this new relationship and try to do their best to stay attached.

Women get influenced

This is particularly true for most of the girls’ best friends. Girls talk includes all the details of their relationship lives and they like to share everything with their girlfriends.

Not only that, but their best friends may have a go at deciding on whether a girl should enter a new relationship or not.

Friends may start planning your future with the new guy, while you still don’t even know you like him. This drama may go on, and you as a woman start attaching yourself to this guy so quickly and for no good reasons.

Women like to get attached

The truth in the end is that women love getting attached. When it is about love life, women are doing their best and they are not pretending.

Their wish for attachment is huge. When they like you, they want to get attached, and this sometimes looks scary, but it is all in women’s biological nature.

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