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The Strongest Girls Are The Girls With Anxiety


The feeling of unease that keeps her awake in the night is the same feeling that makes her worry about problems that are not there and future events that will probably not happen.

The feeling of anxiety makes her fear the future because she thinks that something bad is about to happen and she is not ready for it. This feeling never disappears.

Everyone has felt anxious at some point, usually before an important event or during school examination. Some experience anxiety more often and sometimes it results in panic attacks or phobia. But for some people, anxiety is the feeling that shapes their everyday life.

Even when everything is going smoothly, she wonders what’s the bad thing that will happen to her the next day. She doesn’t expect the universe to let her be happy for a long period, so she is sure something bad will surely happen.

As a result, she doesn’t enjoy life at its fullest because she is constantly thinking about the future and about the negative things that happened to her.

Some people would label her as a pessimist and she is often called “wet blanket”. But there are days when nothing motivates her to get rid of the feeling. In her head, the others don’t understand her. And they probably don’t.

Only a person who has experienced anxiety knows how she feels. They would understand her whenever she decides not to go somewhere and stay home alone.

But she knows that’s not good for her and she is aware that she doesn’t make sense even to herself sometimes. Life doesn’t happen under the cover, but outside, together with other people.

Nothing is perfect and everyone is experiencing bad days sometimes. But to everyone else, bad days pass by quickly and they are forgettable.

To her, every detail has its own place in the puzzle and she tends to focus on the ugliest pieces that won’t fit. Minor comments or criticism can be stuck in her head for days or weeks.

Often, she looks at others and envies them for their happiness and carelessness.

But more often, she finds strength to go out, in spite of her fear and anxiety. Her anxiety has been present for years, but that’s what made her strong. Whenever she felt like not good enough, she tried hard to show the world that she, too can be the best.

That voice that keeps telling her to stay home has been there since she was little. There were times when the voice leaded her through everything. But she found a way to ignore it after some time. And she smiled again. 

No matter how strong the feeling is or how loud the voice, she finds the way out. She goes out, she speaks and she socializes, no matter how frightened she feels.

Whenever she wishes to cancel the plans for going out or stop trying, she finds strength to do what she has to do. She knows it’s smarter and better to go out and socialize. She knows it’s good to volunteer to do the presentation. And she gets the job done. Always. 

She doesn’t let anxiety rule over her. She knows how important it is to focus on the positive thoughts only and she ignores the negative ones.

It’s hard for her to go out of her comfort zone, but she challenges herself to do new things that make her leave the comfort zone every day. She is a hard worker and she is persistent to succeed.

Often, she feels inferior to the others. She lets her anxiety rule over her because she feels she can’t handle it. But she never gives up. She always rises again, stronger and braver than before.

That makes her fierce and courageous. She is much more mature than the other girls at her age because she faces challenges every day. Challenges which make her grow.

Whenever she doubts herself, she doesn’t realize that she is stronger than the others. She is not aware that life with anxiety has made her what she is now – tough, wise and mature.

She is a girl that could fight the whole world and win.